The Extent Of Political Mobilization A Critique Of How Twitter Can Help Predict An Election By: Fabio Rojas

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Determining the citizens who vote in elections arms political campaigns with the ability to target their electoral mobilization efforts more carefully. Political campaigns, because they are situated in an environment with limited resources, utilize this knowledge to ensure a candidate’s success. However, participation in elections serves a greater purpose and has a greater stake in terms of American political history. As a nation founded on the ideal of ensuring equal right to participate in the political process, the proliferation of efforts to ensure more voters stands to create a representative democracy. Ensuring that citizens vote, I contend, serves as vital as any other governmental ...view middle of the document...

The study compared the amount of mentions for current political candidates that were running for elections during that term. The study ultimately found that the candidates that received the more tweets than their opposition won roughly 92 percent of the races. However, this does not mean that there is a casual link between Twitter mentions of a candidate and their success. Although this data from the study is accurate, Rojas’s interpretation of the results from the study leads into fallacies on the circumstances that influence political participation.
The first conclusion that Rojas arrives to from the information of this study is the fact that democracy is “no longer [a passive] watch [of] our leaders on television and our opinions on Election Day. Modern politics happens when somebody comments on [social media].” Rojas is asserting that democracy is greatly influenced by the actions of citizens in social media. The author is further correct in claiming that past means of predicting political participation included quantitative polling, but this is not license to jump to the conclusion that “digital democracy will put campaign professionals out of work. Rojas’s contention that because citizens voice their opinions through social media that the work of campaigners will be obsolete is false because the mobilization theory suggests that political participation is a result of mobilized individuals. Mobilization, by definition, is the act of encourage or inspiring...

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