The Extent To Which Lenin's Nep Solved The Problems Caused By War Communism

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The Extent to Which Lenin's NEP Solved the Problems Caused by War Communism

Subsequent to the Bolshevik revolution in October 1917 commenced a two
year domesticated war in Russia between the newly empowered Communist
establishment and the conservative military officers. The primary
victims were peasants, affected mostly from the exorbitant demands of
food supplies and other essential necessities. The communist and
despotic techniques practiced by the Bolsheviks during the war were
hence dubbed “war communism” and had considerably alienated the mass
of the Russian populace against its communist policies. Thus the
regime was forced to restrain its callous inclinations and accordingly
abandon “war communism”. Moreover V.I Lenin introduced the “New
Economic Policy” in which capitalism and entrepreneurship was
maintained, consequently restoring economic, social and agricultural
production to pre-revolution levels.

The Bolsheviks had inherited stern economic tribulations in 1917. In
theory, the October revolution had instigated the triumph of mutual
socialism over capitalism, but theory was of minute assistance in the
overwhelming economic conditions of 1917 (Michael Lynch 123).
Commencing the Bolshevik consolidation of power, Lenin made apparent
his dislike for capitalism, but he produced little in way of
legitimate economic structuring. Accordingly, the economic policies
sustained succeeding to his empowerment were somewhat pragmatic.
Russia’s involvement in World War I had brought Russia to an economic
disintegration (Michael Lynch 123). As a resolution the Bolshevik
party introduced “war communism”. All aspects of the economic, social
and cultural normality had to be subordinated to achieving victory in
the civil war (Michael Lynch 124).

By 1921 the bleak financial condition had undermined the initiatory
justification of war communism. Conversely, the Bolshevik party
consisted of many who still believed in the eminence of its success
and were intent on prompting harsher reinforcements of its policies
(David Thomas 112). However the economic and agricultural conditions
of 1921 forced Lenin to consider potential alternatives to war
communism. Hence the founding of the New Economic Policy (NEP) became
Lenin’s primary declaration. As with...

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