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The External Environment For The Development Of Foreign Package

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3.1.3. The external environment for the development of foreign package
1. China's global competitive environment, outsourcing
Till 2002, the United Nations in July 2005 the development of national service outsourcing to a survey, China's service outsourcing industry has great potential for foreign direct investment. In inflows of foreign direct investment projects in the "Customer Support Center" A, China ranks 6th in the world, the project flows to 21; in the "Shared Services Centre" A, China ranked 8, the project inflows 9, while the top-ranked India 108; in the "R & D Center" A, China ranked second for the 368. According to Kearney on the ability of countries to attract offshore outsourcing a comprehensive assessment of China ranked second after India, China is the biggest developed country firms attractive to talents. • Roland Berger in an interview with multinational companies find that offshore outsourcing currently prepared to select the overall proportion of enterprises has risen to 45%, which is no doubt that low labor costs in China will provide a huge market.
In big countries and service outsourcing to India contest, although China is temporarily vulnerable, but the prospects making "China is gradually approaching the scale of outsourcing in India," the statement also appeared. As the U.S. began operations in India, more and more companies increasing salary levels in India, multinational companies started looking for alternative sites. Now, alternative sites suitable for outsourcing countries, including China, the Philippines, Russia, Poland and Israel, and the potential rise of China is undoubtedly the most prominent.
2. The international outsourcing market in China
1) the distribution by customer classification
Results show that in 2008 China's software and information technology outsourcing industry constitutes a continuation of the offshore market, the relative concentration of consistent characteristics, the overall distribution is still mainly in Japan and the United States, accounted for 56.9% of the market; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions market share of 12.9%, Europe 7.8%. Japan is China's software and information service outsourcing enterprises in traditional markets. Chinese companies from Japan to undertake contracting business has inherent advantages, fewer cultural differences and advantages of Japanese language are Chinese enterprises can more easily attract the reasons for Japan's contracting business. However, Japan's software outsourcing and information services mainly distributed in Japan, issued by offshore outsourcing are mostly low-end programming, testing and other operational-based business information service for the Chinese software outsourcing enterprises with more of a play to maintain the role of the total business volume, and in promoting Chinese enterprises to enhance their capacity to high-tech, high-margin, high value-added business in the transfer of limited effect.
The United States is...

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