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The Extinction Of Privacy Essay

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This world has changed, even as 20 years old, I am afraid of where technology is going already everyone is glued to it; as a kid computers were new, but we didn’t care we played outside, and cell phones were for emergencies, not fun. Due to technology privacy almost doesn’t exist in this day of technology anymore, there are secret spy cameras being placed in homes by jealous friends or family; social media sites pushing you to spill your age, looks, feelings, life story, and more, and “Big Brother” and “Little Brother” everywhere. Everyone has to be careful because everywhere there is someone trying to steal someone’s identity whether the reason is for money, for legality in a new ...view middle of the document...

Wi-Fi is another large concern of identity theft but very little people realize the danger in it. From the article, There Is No Vacation from Cybercrime at WiFi Hotspots by Kent Lawson, he states “Since hotspots use radios to transmit data over the public airwaves, the information traveling over them moves at lightning speed, but that data is, by definition, not private.” This is the sentence that got me hooked to understanding public, unsecured Wi-Fi is not safe. It means whatever we send through these airwaves that are unsecured, are entirely reachable by any hacker. They can see pictures you may upload, credit card information if you buy something online, or even emails. We have heard everywhere to only connect to secure Wi-Fi that is your own or someone you trust, but we all disregard this because unsecured Wi-Fi is free, but in this case I know for the future for my privacy, it is not for me. Personally I am always skeptical about where I use my card, who is swiping it, the cameras that are focusing in on my card, or who else may be around. You can never be too safe with anything today especially your own identity and privacy. When it comes to the Wi-Fi identity theft I never had a clue on how dangerous it was, I thought the public stating to get your own wireless internet was a scam to make everyone buy it but now I understand it is entirely for your safety.
Where did privacy on the internet go? Why is everyone spilling their personal stories out on it, the internet is an ocean of people’s privacy now and everyone is available to view it. One of biggest culprits of making people feel the need to spill their privacy in different ways is YouTube. YouTube is a famous website than most of everyone knows about and/or uses for videos whether they’re for tutorials, comedy skits, accidents, or even personal stories. Today more and more people are feeling the need to spill their life stories on YouTube to share with others that turns into a chain reaction. For example in the video, My Most Embarrassing Moment by Thatzak, he tells a story of going out with his friends and they pull his pants down in public as a joke and a type of “initiation”. Thatzak made this video as what it appears to be his bedroom, that is not very safe nor showing his face in this video with his embarrassing story, there could be predators or bullies that want to pick on him and now know his weaknesses and what kind of kid he is. These confessions are not safe for everyone in public to view nor is it at the end where he asks people what their most embarrassing moment is. That is causing the chain reaction to these videos, these kids want publicity and fame for their shame. Online dating websites are also a culprit of being a website that gives you the urge to post all of your privacy. These sites give you all these commercials that show you how happy you can be when you find your true love all you have to do is post everything about you, what you do for work, what you do for...

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