The Extraordinary Jimi Hendrix Essay

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The Extraordinary Jimi Hendrix
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The extraordinary performances, recording, and lyrics of James Marshall Hendrix have made him impossible to forget. This American rock music guitarist made a legendary mark not only in the history of rock 'n' roll but also on the pop culture as a whole (Ross 32). With unique techniques never seen before and blatant sex-related performances on stage, he became one of the most influential music figures of the 60s (Kamin).

Hendrix was not born into stardom nor was it given to him by any means. He strived all throughout his life to be the very best. Johnny Allen Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle, Washington to Al and Lucille Hendrix, and not until four years later did his father change his son's name to James Marshall Hendrix. He certainly did not lead an easy life with his sporadic schooling and his parents' divorce in 1958. Added to the building pressures, his mother died just one year later ("Jimi", Rolling 42).

Hendrix purchased his first guitar in 1958, probably to relieve tensions as it was the same year his parents divorced.

It was a used acoustic for which he paid only five dollars. At the age of seventeen with only one year's playing experience, he joined his first band, the Rocking Kings. It may
be hard to imagine because of his image, but Hendrix was also in the Army for a brief period of time. He was soon discharged as a result of "medical unsuitability" after a parachuting accident in which he landed on his ankle ("Jimi", Rolling 42). He ventured back to his hometown of Seattle and began playing with Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers (Wolters, "Pre-Experience").

He seized the opportunity to go on the road after being discovered by Little Richard in 1963 but soon regretted the decision because he felt the tour was degrading, and he was
constrained as being a sideman to Richard. His guitar was used as little more than a background rhythm instrument, but Hendrix developed his playing talent and soon discovered how to gain control and take lead of the music. Unfortunately, he never was able to get Richard to realize his talents, so he abandoned Richard's tour in St. Louis (Wolters, "Pre-Experience").

After aimlessly wandering for awhile, Hendrix found himself in Atlanta and once again teamed up with Little Richard. The tour brought them to Los Angeles where he then went in his own direction. He hooked up with Richard for a third time during the summer of 1964 to record an album in which he again felt confined as being only a backup to Little Richard (Wolters, "Pre-Experience").

Hendrix later joined the budding musician Arthur Lee, but the partnership did not last long as he once again set out in search of his own identity (Wolters, "Pre-Experience"). He embarked as a traveling musician for various tours backing such artists as Ike and Tina Turner, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, King Curtis, Solomon Burke, Chuck Jackson, Jackie Wilson, and...

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