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The Eye Of The World Essay

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The world that Robert Jordan weaves is very different from any that I have ever read about, the book has a great “new” feel to it that excites me. When an individual has read as many fictional books as I, you think you’ve seen it all. When a book appears that proves you wrong, it’s one of the few instances when you are joyous to be wrong. The Eye Of The World happens to be one of those books, it still has the same we have to run from the bad guys kind of book, but we don't like to talk about that, the nugget that makes The Eye Of The World special is the ideology of “The Wheel Of Time”.
To start off, The Wheel Of Time, often referred to as “The Wheel”. Is the concept that the time that you ...view middle of the document...

they were looking for the ta’veren, Rand, perrin, and mat. The two strangers that have been in the village warn the ta’veren that the trollocs are looking for them and that they have to run. Run they do, with the two strangers, one an Aes Sedai and one a warder. Aes Sedai are “witches” who can control the one power, the power that turns the wheel, and warders are really buff sword guys as far as I can tell. Right before they leave Two other girls and a traveling bard show up to travel with them. At first they attempt to travel to Tar Valon, an Aes Sedai stronghold, but worse comes to worse and they end up having to try and kill the Dark One (villain). they travel to the Green Mans domain and Rand uses the one power to travel to kill the Dark One.
In the beginning of the parties travels all the ta’veren wanted to do was avoid violence and get to a large city where they could be safe. While traveling, the Warder takes a rabbit and says “Whether the bear beats the wolf or the wolf beats the bear, the rabbit always loses.” Later the...

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