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"The Fabric Of Our Lives" Cotton Marketing Campaign In The United States

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"The Fabric of Our Lives" - Cotton Incorporated Press ReleasePratically every consumer in America knows that cotton is "The Fabrics of Our Lives". When the first commercial using this theme air on TV in 1998, the campaign quickly became one of the most memorable and best love effort advertising campaign in the country. After 14 years , 3 additional set of commercials, the campaign continue to be highly popular and effective.Currently on air are the commercials featuring "Denim", "Underwear" and "Home Products". After 3 to 4 yearson air, the commercial are remembered by 70% of viewers, moving up from 48% in 1998 in the previous campaign. Rather than replacing the campaign, they are adding on to it. The 2 great new commercial showcase a great varitly of clothes on cotton.Behind the Scene - Ogilvity and Mather TeamIn Cotton advertising we are looking at what the core elements were. They came up with 4 key theme, each commercials has a core though, such as "Denim", "Underwear" or "Sheets".1.The feeling and expression of that thought.2. It is the people looking great in cotton clothings3. It is "The Fabric of Our Lives" song, the music for cotton is incredibly important and they want to keep that.4. Lastly, the cotton logo, at the end of the commercial, it is so important for the consumer to identify, and so important for cotton.Music: Remising in fact is like cooking with music, where the DJ takes the music from the past, the present and creates pieces of music.The new though communication for cotton isn't just for cotton, it is that the consumer want to feel stylist, want to go out, goes to work in a professional manner, to give a more fashion twist. It is about how to surprise consumer with cotton, makes consumer feels that they to wear that, and that is cotton, something they have not thought of before.Ogilvy and Mather set theme thoughs in a real office, and in a real hotel, a great place for them to showcase a wide varitey of different people, or dertain kind of dressing in your own way as consumer as oppose to be in the office. They are not models, not actors, they are real people, They cast though over 800 people. Out of these people, they selected 30 finalists to go into the spot. One thing you migh notice that goes on to these spots are through people dancing. They actually go out to dance, and the idea of self expression. People express themselves in dancing. Especially it is right in the office now, where there is no more corporate suit. People has the opportunity to dress they way they like. Of course one of the way people want is self expression through dancing.4 years ago, Latin music was crazy, cotton widely adopted that kind of music onto the commercial and was successful. 4 years later, much different style of music that is really popular, and that is dance remix. One of the key thing people used in dance music is dance remix, and combine into DJ music. If you listen it hard, you might already actually hear...

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