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The Fabulous Fifties Essay

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     Some may call it the “fabulous fifties,” but others call it a time of “tensions and insecurities.” Several people think back on the fifties and remember them as the “good old days,” while others think of it as a time of crisis and terror. Although Americans were faced with many hardships throughout the fifties, I think that the positive aspects such as the new technologies, growing economy, higher focus on education, and growing job opportunities of the era outnumber the negative aspects, such as racism that African Americans faced, and the changing roles of women, making the fifties an overall “happy” period in American history.
     The fifties are characterized as a watershed period, due to the unparallel growth and change that America socially and economically experienced after WWII. In the years during the War and the Depression there was high employment, low inflation and a yearning for normalcy, and stability in many Americans lives. The fifties changed all of this providing the American culture with prosperity by way of network television, air conditioning, computers, jet travel, a national highway system, chain hotels, and franchised fast food that made businesses boom.
The fifties are also characterized as a golden age when everything was simple and innocent. People had peace and prosperity due to the war ending, and they expressed their feelings of excitement and anticipation through their clothing with men dressing in suits and hats, and women in dresses, stockings and heels, and by going out dancing to big bands downtown, and experimenting with the new technologies and organizations of the time.
With World War II bringing thousands of men back to America seeking new lives and opportunities, the US experienced an economic expansion like it had never seen before. During the middle of the twentieth century wages increased 22%, family income went up from $3,000 to $5,400, and the Gross National Product increased from $206 billion to $440 billion. In order for the country to meet the demands of the massive consumptions of the American people, industries had to expand and create more efficient ways of selling there products through advertisements, which as a result provided citizens with more job opportunities.
     In my opinion I think that the fifties were defiantly more of a “happy” time than they were a hard time for most people. With evolutionary inventions such as the television, computer, portable radios, plastic goods, highways, nuclear missiles, and chemical fuels, that are all still around today and used religiously by our society, the fifties changed the lifestyles of many people. No wonder this was an era full of such high inflation; it had some of the most miraculous inventions and people had to money to purchase them. With Americans going on crazy buying sprees in the fifties industries had to compete for the consumers business by...

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