The Face Is The Index Of Mind

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We humans have many bad habits and some of them just refuse the leave
our sides and stay in our shadows forever. One of our worst habits is judging a
book by its cover. Babies do this when they decide what toy to play with,
teenagers do it when they gossip about the new student, and adults do it all the
same when they decide who they want to work with. If people never look beyond
the superficial surface, perhaps things would never get done. If the Founding
Fathers hadn’t looked within each one of them, maybe the America I know and
love today wouldn’t even here. If Steve Jobs hadn’t looked within himself, the
company called Apple would be one of the biggest smartphone producers in the
world. And lastly, maybe the friends I trust most wouldn’t be by my side today.
George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. None of them
got along at first, their principles were completely different, their appearances
couldn’t be more varied, but their goal deep down was the same. If each one of
them had judged the other two by their looks, then perhaps the United States of
America wouldn’t have ever been born. Thomas Jefferson had a tall and
commanding figure, but wasn’t very good at expressing his thoughts to the public;
George Washington was also a very significant man in society, and he could
persuade people to do things his way. On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin was
short and stout, but couldn’t stand it when he was proved wrong. From the covers,
they were totally different, but they realized that it is the content of the book that
matters not the drawing on the outside.
Secondly, Steve Jobs, the legacy of Apple, one of the biggest adversaries in
the modern smartphone industry. When he was growing up, no one believed in him.
He just didn’t have that appearance. Being...

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