"The Facebook Sonnet" Poem Explication Essay

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In today’s modern society, social media has become a part of our everyday lives. Typically, we utilize these online communal interactions to reminisce with past friends, establish connections with new people, and flaunt countless pictures of our loved ones to our fellow friends. For these reasons, public networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become very accommodating tools in allowing us to communicate with others from all parts of the world. However, Sherman Alexie’s poem, “The Facebook Sonnet”, suggests that many users have become so indulged in social networking that they have lost the ability to effectively manage their own lives, connect with others, protect their ...view middle of the document...

Lines 5-9, “…Why can’t we pretend / Every stage of life is the same? / Let’s exhume, resume, and extend / Childhood. Let’s play all the games / That occupy the young...”, depict that while many users consume their lives in Facebook, they begin to behave less like adults and more like whimsical children. These lines also coincide with the first stanza in this poem because many people sense that they must impress their former classmates at high school reunions. Rather than feeling the need to sway their peers at gatherings, in addition, Facebook users now face the anxiety of making a positive impression on a daily basis. Therefore, the representation that many users have created for themselves on social media is actually misleading. Because more time has been spent on social networking rather than directly interacting with people, there now seems to be a common disconnection among Facebook users and a deceitful portrayal of their character.
“Let fame / And shame intertwine…” in lines 9-10 shows the impact that revealing private, shameful information to the internet can have on Facebook users. Essentially, people become “famous”, or well-known because their personal lives have been exposed to social media. Today, not all stars are born because of talent; many of them are renowned only because they have been involved in past scandals that were initially viewed as shameful. Because of social networking sites like Facebook, appalling actions by users are much more likely to go viral, thus, creating icons like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.
On the contrary, because of Facebook, the search for God has actually gone “google”. Many users have become too distracted by social media that they cannot sincerely create and maintain a relationship with God. The quest to find and accept God is no longer what it used to be; people rely more on the internet to connect with God rather than through methods like prayer. Lines 10-11, “Let one’s search / For God become public domain”, supports...

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