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The Factors Influencing A Voter Essay

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There are various factors that influence how a voter will cast their choice in the U.S. elections. Party identification is the most top factor in a person's voting choice. Some voters are members of either the two majors political parties; the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. These party affiliations are usually determined by a person's influences from family, peers, media and the assessment of the candidates and the issues. Independents who are not affiliated with either party does not have a particular loyalty to any party. They vote mainly on the issues (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, 2011, p.193).
People in large cities with a population of 50,000 plus tend to vote for the Democratic Party. The rural areas and small towns with a population under 50,000 tend to vote for the Republican party (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, 2011, p.194). Why? Again this goes back to family.
In the past, a person with a college education is affiliate with the Republicans. That is no longer the case. Those with more than a bachelor's degree tend to vote Democratic. Those with only a higher school education tend to vote Republican (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, 2011, p.195)
But the higher a person's income the more likely the person is to vote Republican. Manual labors, factory workers, and union members are more likely to vote Democratic. In recent years, apparently there is a realignment where professionals such as doctors, attorneys, and college instructors vote Democratic. While small business owners, managers and corporate executives vote Republican (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, 2011, p.195)
Those who are religious regardless of their church affiliation tend to be Republican. Those who are not tend to be Democratic. An exception to the rule is African Americans of all religions. They tend to vote for the Democratic Party. Also the Jews who lean to a liberal political view, they vote with the Democratic Party as well (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, 2011, p.195)
As mentioned before, the Africans Americans since the 1930s has voted mainly for the Democratic candidates. The Asian Americans tend to vote for Democrats as well. The majority of the Hispanic population tend to vote for the Democrats as well. However the Cuba Americans lean toward the Republicans (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, 2011, p.195-6)
Some voters cast their ballots based on the emotions such as trust rather than on the candidate's experience or policy. These voters lean toward those candidates who appear to share the voter's concerns on the political issues at the time. They vote for a candidate that appears to be honest and have integrity (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, 2011, p.196)
Most voters have an understanding of a candidate's political views are and how they differ...

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