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The Aspects Of Hazing Essay

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The word hazing connotes a variety of different meanings depending on the stance one takes. Some people assume hazing provides the possible prospect of bonding and social acceptance. Others conclude hazing creates a dividend between the society of fraternity and sorority organizations. No matter what direction one takes, both sides have the ability to propose a positive solution that will effectively help the effects of hazing. Once a personal analyzes the positive and negative aspects of hazing then he or she has the ability to propose a solution that will benefit both sides of hazing.
The word hazing originates from a time during the 16th century when sailors would taunt new sailors during hazy weather. Hazing made its appearance long before sorority and fraternity members could remember. In fact hazing has existed, “since the medieval universities were founded” (Nuwer 194). Hazing in colleges; however, became more widely known after the Civil War. Men, who fought in the war, felt the need to have a connection to the events that happened to their own fathers or themselves. These men would re-instate themselves into their colleges and begin using military tactics they learned from camp as a means of hazing. Paddling, a method for hazing new fraternity members, comes from a long line of disciplinary punishments made to toughen the soldiers. People also hazed in colleges due to the fact that after the war so many had lost a sense of a tight community and wanted a familial brotherhood or sisterhood bond. Therefore, older fraternity and sorority members continue to haze, if only as means of a bonding experience.
When one undergoes the ritual of hazing he or she submits his or herself to ridicule, embarrassment, and trickery. Hazing in fraternities and sororities, that has gained more recognition, lead to death or injuries. Of course hazing does not always lead to harm. Sometimes hazing consists of a multitude of seemingly harmless actions. However, the viewpoint of hazing lies within the person’s personal account of hazing while they pledge. People’s accounts differ “because of individual ideas of what hazing might be” (Lundeen 7). One person assumes that their own experience appeared life-changing in a positive manner, the other can argue hazing relatively changed his or her life for the worse. One may presume that hazing “might be nothing more than fun and games”, while another might say fraternity and sorority high status members force him or herself to act out things they normally would not do (Lundeen 7). Due to this people take different sides. They either support hazing or they denounce its cruel ways. Both arguments bring up certain positive points toward their own claim, while keeping silent with statements that disagree with them.
Despite embarrassment from hazing “young people have done whatever it takes to gain acceptance” (Nuwer 194). The need for social acceptance has existed since the beginning of society’s beginning and has...

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