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The Fact Or Meaning Of Forgiveness In The Kite Runner By Khalid Hosseini

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Before I begin to even attempt to write this paper I just want to start off by covering the fact or meaning of forgiveness or being forgiven. In my life personally there have been numerous occasions on which I have either been forgiven or I have either been forgiven or I have had to forgive someone else. I am here to tell you that it is not easy to be in either of those positions. I say this because whether you are the one who is being forgiven or you are the one who is forgiving someone else despite of who it is you are always in the spot light. I know that you are probably saying that it is good to be in the spotlight but just because it is shining it does not mean it is glistening and ...view middle of the document...

The Kite Runner could be a novel written within the kind of a listing by Khalid Hosseini. It explains terribly dramatic events that passed off within the early stages of his life. Hosseini grew up in Islamic State of Afghanistan he and his father cake were pretty rich. That they had 2 servants United Nations agency lived with them named Ali and Hassan. even supposing they were Baba’s servants he still showed them respect and treated them all right, he needed that Khalid do identical. Cake usually times even treated Hassan as if he were his terribly own son. The Kite Runner is a very tremendous and very amazing novel. In my opinion this book has three main factors; loyalty, betrayal and oppression which are three very strong adjectives.

People need to be forgiven because in order to be forgiven you have to first forgive, which brings me back to the essay. Hassan and Amir were in the same predicament. Amir and his father had a couple of ups and downs throughout their relationship. Every time he would see his father he feels as if it were his fault what had happened. He felt like he had failed his father as his own son. This book breaks down step-by-step the things that it took on order for Amir's father to have forgiven him. This book provides great contextual evidence to support the theme that I have chosen to represent. This can be seen by examining the settings in the story. You can also examine what main point that the author was trying to clarify or prove. You can also look at the characters and what effect if any did they have on the story line itself. Hosseini uses specific context and story lines, and the way they introduces the characters in the book itself to allow me to make a firm assumption which is that the true theme of this book is to forget and forgive and for you to be forgiven. This can mainly be seen through the relationship that Hosseini had with his father.

A story would not be a story at all without a setting. The setting of the story allows for the story to have a more powerful and deeper meaning. In the kite Runner they are in a place where honor and commitment means mainly everything to them to the people that are living in the society. In the place that the story takes place family is most important. They have a tradition where if you have no respect for your family then your code of honor is destroyed. Just like all the other cultures if you have no honor then you are basically considered as an outcast. Amir and his father went through some very difficult times but as individuals Amir's father was basically disappointed to have Amir as his son so their relationship was kind of fractured. They did not get along very well. Amir tried his best but his whole life to fix something that was not even his fault. He was looked at as being a failure and his father even at a point in time considered him as a murderer. When Amir was born, his mother passed away while she was giving birth to him. So it changed his life...

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