The Causes And Effects Of Pressure On Students To Get Good Grades

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Are the new standards and expectations the world has for teenagers really creating monsters? The amount of stress that is put on students these days between trying to balance school, homework, extra curricular activities, social lives, sleep and a healthy lifestyle is being considered as a health epidemic (Palmer, 2005). Students are obsessing over getting the grades that are expected of them to please those that push them, and in return, lose sleep and give up other aspects of their lives that are important to them such as time with friends and family as well as activities that they enjoy. The stress that they endure from the pressures of parents, teachers, colleges, and peers have many physical as well as mental effects on every student, some more harmful than others. The extreme pressure on students to get perfect grades so that they will be accepted into a college has diminished the concept of actually learning and has left the art of “finagling the system” in order to succeed in its place (Palmer, 2005). There are many ways that should be implemented in order to reduce the stress on students so that they can thrive because, withoutthem, the school systems will only be creating generations of stressed out, materialistic, and miseducated students (Palmer, 2005).
There are multiple causes when it comes to stressed out students. First consider where the pressure is coming from for students to get good grades. Parents and teachers tend to be the main suspects. Parents want to see their kids succeed in everything they do and grades are no different. Some students see a bad grade as them failing their parents because their parents believe in them so much (Weissbourd, 2011). Teachers have multiple reasons why they want to see their students succeed. Teachers generally care about the students and want to see them succeed in life and want them to understand the world around them. They also want them to perform well on tests because these grades usually reflect on them as instructors. However, even though parents and teachers are a main source of the pressures put on students, there are other factors involved. Colleges are becoming increasingly difficult to be accepted into because the number of applicants each year are going up while the colleges aren’t expanding and new colleges aren’t being built (Blazer, 2010). This makes the application process more competitive and students can feel this building pressure ( Blazer, 2010).
Another major cause of student stress are high stakes tests. Pass all, fail all situations are a major source of pressure and stress ( Blazer, 2010). These kind of tests can make or break a grade. Students feel the need to study relentlessly even if they feel like they already know the material. To them there is no such thing as over prepared, they will stay up late and cram the night before the test so that they will get a good grade. In reality this cramming could be detrimental to their performance on the test. The lack of...

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