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The Factors In Parenting Styles And Their Influences On Children

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The aim of this research is to investigate the factors in parenting styles and their influences on students of HKU SPACE Community College. 50 copies, mainly separated into 2 parts with regard to the factors and influences of parenting styles respectively, are issued. The research resources include questionnaire, newspaper articles, online books and journals.The first part of the research demonstrates family size play a crucial role in parenting styles, while economic level actually not. A survey questionnaire, which was conducted at KEC campus, was designed for students of HKU SPACE Community College to study the factors in parenting styles of their parents and the influences on them. Total 50 copies of questionnaire were distributed in November 2013, and the response rate is 100%. The Questionnaire sample is enclosed (See Appendix 1).88% of respondents are aged 18-22 (See Figure 1.1), so the findings principally represent the parenting styles adopted among the parents of this generation. Besides, the majority of the respondents are females (See Figure 1.2). There are 4 parts of the questionnaire: the personal information, the factors in parenting styles, the types of parenting styles and the influences on children. The questionnaire contains 21 questions in total, with 4 questions regarding factors, 8 questions regarding types and 8 questions regarding influences. The data from the questionnaire will be represented in percentage in the following discussion. Considering that there may be various answers for some questions, blank spaces are provided for respondents to give more accurate answers.Apart from the questionnaire, second-hand resources from (1) journal articles, (2) web resources, and (3) printed books were referred as well to collect information which is hard to study in questionnaire, and learn a more general and convincing result.Family Sizes seem to play a more critical role in parenting. (Grace) There is the biggest difference in the distribution of resources between small family and large family. Parents in large family find difficulties in striking a balance of devotion among the children. As a result, applying harsh rules is the resolution to keep children under control. In a small family, parents tend to have a close relationship with children since they can pay more time to explore what each of them wants. Therefore, these parents usually promote democracy since they respect personal wills of their children. According to the study “Beyond Parental Control and Authoritarian Parenting Style: Understanding Chinese Parenting through the Cultural Notion of Training”, Ruth is addressing a paradox involving the parenting styles of Asians. He states that the subordinate member is required to display loyalty and respect to the senior member in a hierarchical family structure. Therefore, elder brother or sister has to be governed and taught by parents. This is the way of training a child in an authoritarian parenting style.“The family...

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