The Factors Influencing Breastfeeding Among Mothers In Malaysia

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Background of Study

A mere definition of breastfeeding is feeding newborn infants with milk directly or, sometimes indirectly from female human breasts or so called lactation which replaced the use of formula milk. Breastfeeding is important as it can be described as the first touch from mother to her newborn infant and some mother sees that through breastfeed, they can spend more time with their infant. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics for mothers in U.S, in the article titled as “Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk” which was published online on February 27, 2012, it is recommended that an exclusive breastfeeding for six months should be provided to newborns infants, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary food are introduced with the continuation of breastfeeding for one year of longer, as mutually desired by both the mothers and infants.

In addition to this recommendation, there are several benefits that basically contribute to the needs of breastfeeding. In term of needs for the mothers, scientifically breastfeeding helps to reduce postpartum hemorrhage which can lead to hypovolemia, a state of decreased of blood plasma volume. Postpartum hemorrhage is the most common factor that leads to perinatal maternal death worldwide. Breastfeeding also helps mother to previous state of body weight before pregnancy; decrease the risk of ovarian cancer as well as possible decrease of hip fracture and osteoporosis during postmenopausal period.

Major benefits of breastfeeding to infants can be summarized as the nourishment that the milk provides for the infants. The thick yellow liquid produced by the breast during and after the pregnancy is enriched with nutrients and antibodies that helps infant to protect their body from illnesses, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Furthermore, the small amount of colostrum that gained in each feeding is the correct amount that infant can hold in their tiny stomach. Breast milk not only hold a balanced amount of fatty acid require by the infant but after three to four days of perinatal, these milk transforms to what we called as “mature milk”, which hold the exact amount of protein, sugar, fat and water required by the infant to keep growing.

Regardless of these significant outcomes, some mothers may refuse to breastfeed due to certain contributing factors. Sore nipples are the common reason why a mother avoids to breastfeed their infant. The pain from the abrasion leads to uncomfortable feeling during the feeding process. Mastitis or breast infection may occur when a mother is exposed or close with family members that having flu or cold. Soreness or lump of breast accompanied by fever and / or flu – like symptoms is the sign a mother is having mastitis. Mastitis rarely affected both breast, but some mother may refuse to breastfeed because of the pain and since most mastitis needs to be treated using medicine, mothers may see this as dangerous to their infants. It is...

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