The Factors Influencing The Way Each Of The Members Of The Jury Perceived The Murder In Twelve Angry Men

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The Factors Influencing the Way Each of the Members of the Jury Perceived the Murder in Twelve Angry Men

Each of the members of the jury perceived the murder according to
their own beliefs, values and social status. As the story unfolds,
reveals the jurors' complex personalities, preconceptions, backgrounds
and interactions. The most important factors that influence perception
is personality, learning and motivation.

The juror that strongly believes that the defendant is guilty is a
very rude man and biased. A factor that affects his perceptual
selections is that he sees the environment as hectic and unstable. On
the other hand, he is influenced by the estrangement from his own
teenaged son that causes him to be hateful and hostile toward all
young people. That indicates that learning is a crucial factor, which
affects perception.

Henry Fonda is a liberal-minded, patient truth-and-justice seeker who
uses calm logical reasoning. He is a conscious man that organizes his
perceptions into neat categories and retrieve data quickly in an
organized manner. At the same time, Fonda is motivated to make a fair
judgement in the case and therefore he was determined to defend his

Some of the jurors are prejudiced and have strong stereotypes about
the defendant. For example, one juror believes that the defendant’s
negative background indicates that he is or will become a criminal.

The juries focus on the different opinions among them and they ignore
the real issues in the case that can potentially lead them to a
miscarriage of justice. Added into the mix, there are some jurors who
are anxious to "get this over with" as soon as possible and they are
not really interested if the defendant is guilty or innocent.

2) Do you think that Henry Fonda’s decision to disagree with the
original vote of “guilty” was based on his firm belief that the
defendant was innocent?

I believe that Henry Fonda’s decision to disagree with the original
vote of «guilty» was not based on his firm belief that the defendant
was innocent. At first Fonda bases his vote for the sake of
discussion after all, the jurors must believe beyond a reasonable
doubt that the defendant is guilty.

He supports the belief that a defendant is innocent until proven
guilty. Also he takes into consideration that the case is about a
matter of a life or death of a young man and that must decide wisely
about the verting. Fonda is the voice of reason even as he realises
that this may free a murderer. His strength lies in finding the weak
spots in arguments, which make it easy for the juries to change their

3)Why do you think Henry Fonda was so successful in changing the
attitudes and perceptions of the other members of the jury?

Fonda is the natural leadership of the juries. In addition, he takes

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