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The Factors Of Using Dietary Supplements

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II. Purpose
The purpose of this research is to study the factors affecting on the decision to buy the dietary supplement. The most interesting factors are health, product and price. We will survey for the data to the present people select for nothing.In the future, there may be built to the dietary supplement industry this the data can help decided to make a career in the future.

III. Research Question
Why do people choose to dietary supplements rather than raw food?
IV. Methods
In this research was to study about the factors affecting on the decision to buy the dietary supplement; health, product and price.
Data collection:
Data collection by operating through questionnaire survey involved ever or never used dietary supplements and knowledge of the research.
Fifty participants of learner and personal in Mea Fah Luang University. We collected by randomly to participants
Data analysis:
Data analysis measured through frequency, percentage and average are useful in separate of the factors affecting on the decision.

V. Limitations
We collected the data from participant in Mae Fah Luang University because we survey learner and the staff that choose the dietary supplement and, so Mea Fah Luang University the best for area in Chiang Rai.

VI. Results
From the research of “The Factors of Using Dietary Supplements”. The participants of this research are learners and personal from Mae Fah Luang University. The data collection process will solely depend upon questionnaire surveys focusing on 25 learners and 25 personal. From the completed questionnaires consists two parts: general Information and general data on factors affecting the buying decision of the customers towards dietary supplement. In this research, we used the pie chart to represent the information.
1. Part 1 General Information
1.1. Gender

From the pie chart of gender, it can be seen that 82% of the respondents were female and remaining 18% were male.
1.2. Age

From the pie chart of age, 50% of the respondents were 15-24 years old, 34% were 25-34 years old, and 16% were 35-44 years old.
1.3. Occupation

From the pie chart of occupation, both of occupation (learner and personals) were same because we tend to survey 25 learners and 25 personals.

1.4. Income (Per month)

From the pie chart of income, the most 44% of precipitant were 15001 baht or above, subordinate 32% were 5001-10000 baht, 18% were below 5000 baht, and 6% were 10001-15000 baht.

From the pie chart of income by separate learner and personals, in the part of learner, the most 64% were 5001-10000 baht, and 36% were below 5000 baht. In the part of personals, the most 88% were 15001 baht or above, and 12% were 10001-15000 baht.
2. Part 2 General data on factors affecting the buying decision of the customers towards dietary supplement food products.
2.1. People used or taken any dietary supplements in the past year
In this question, we choose people used or taken any dietary supplements only.

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