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The Reasons Why Writing Is A Part Of Me

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There are several ways I feel open when it comes to writing. First, I have been writing since I was a little girl. Next, I have journal writing in school; finally, my true feeling about writing assignments. When it comes to writing it makes me feel good as a person. It helps me express my feelings in a better way. I would rather write the way I feel about things than talking it out. I feel that I am heard when someone reads what have I wrote. If I could write things down in every situation that I am in; I would. I wouldn’t talk at all besides I would just write any and everything down.
First, I have been writing since I was a little girl. I started out writing at a young age. I was writing journals and I was also writing small stories. Writers are somewhat gifted to find meaning for themselves and to help others find meaning (Bunting). I mean like no other young child I knew. I was writing like I was getting paid to write. I was around the age four when I was writing stories even though I was making them up and scribbling I was still creative as a young child. As I got to the age six writing real stories and my handwriting was better at that age. I was making small books out of paper and drew pictures of my story I was writing like a little pro. At the age eight everyone liked that way that I was writing stories. People were saying that I was going to be a story writer when I grew up. They were surprised that I was writing stories at that age. When I got to the age ten I slack down on my writing because of the fact that my brother was jealous of me but I didn’t know doing that time. I didn’t take till I got about twelve to before I noticed that my brother was just been jealous. I use to go to my brother so that he can read my stories a couple of years before I found out he was jealous of me. Everyone enjoyed my books but my brother he told me that I couldn’t write worth of nothing. He said that I was stupid and that my stories did not make and since. So I just stopped writing a twelve year of age. I can’t believe that I stop writing because of what my brother told me. If I kept on writing I would have become better as I got older and I would have been making plenty of money. That was a lesson learned so now I teach my children to believe in themselves and I also teach them not to let others bring them down.
Next, I was journal writing in school when I was in grade school. The teachers had the students writing in a journal every day. I remember the times when I use to get excited about journal writing and most of the time the teacher slowed us to write about anything that came to mind. I use to write about my family and my friends also about my everyday life. When I wrote at school the teachers use to tell me “Jackie you can stop writing now, your time is up.” It was getting to the point where when I wrote something I could not stop writing. I would get carried away. I love to express my...

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