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The Truth About Video Games And Violent Children

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Violent video games are not training kids to be murderers. The video game industries have been called against and blamed for making kids more aggressive and violent for years. Although recent studies show that violent video games have been useful for kids to get their anger out. Only some kids were found to be aggressive after violent video game play, but they had three specific traits that lead to this aggressive behavior (“Violent...). Not all kids are affected by violent video games, but people do not know this so they continue to blame video games for their kids bad behaviors. Aggressive behaviors do not come from video games, they come from the environment that the kids grew up around (“Do…).
Ever since video games were introduced to the public in the 1970’s, people have been trying to use them as scapegoats as to why children are behaving certain ways. In the 1950’s the the comic book industries were facing the same thing, people were stating that comic books were to blame for their kids’ bad behaviors (Layton). In recent events violent video games have been blamed for tragedies such as school shootings and juvenile crimes. In a 2004 US Secret Service review of school shooters, only 12.5% of the shooters had an interest in video games that contained violence (“Do…). Through the years 1996-2008 the crime rate of juveniles decreased by 49%, and the accounts of juveniles being arrested for murder decreased by 71.9%, while on the other hand sales of video games increased by 400% (“Do…). Criminal activity in youth has been at a all time low for the past forty years (Vitelli). Showing that kids are behaving better than they did in 1990s’ and have committed less crime. While video games were becoming more popular. If video games were causing violence then criminal activity in youth and video game sales would increase at the same rate, but instead they do not correspond.
In a study on 377 kids all around the age of thirteen, they found that those that played violent video games were found to be less aggressive than those that did not play video games (Patterson). Another survey done in 2007 asked teenage boys why they play violent video games, 45% of them said they play video games to get their anger out, and 62% said that video games help relieve stress (“Do…). In a similar study done by Christopher Ferguson, a group of aggressive and nonaggressive kids played some violent video games. After playing the video games the aggressive kids appeared calmer and more relaxed than those that were nonaggressive (Patterson). Video games have been found to help reduce the aggressive behaviors of boys by serving as great substitutes for rough play and fighting(“Do…). KIds are not made violent from the video games they play, but the kids that are violent search for violent entertainment like video games (Do…).
Doctor Markey’s studies showed that the few kids that are negatively affected by violent video games share similar traits such as high...

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