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The Facts About Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

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We see those girls walking, we see those celebrity that looks very perfect in every way we want them to be, we see those big breast in the bathing suit and we see those perfect shapes and appearance. Plastic and cosmetic surgery have become a “consumer good” and people are buying them mostly non-stop. The people that plan to get plastic and cosmetic surgeries are the one that should really think about it and also people that can’t even afford it. It’s because they don’t know what the outcomes are. I believe people are using plastic and cosmetic surgery for wrong reasons because people are getting it for their birthday, graduation or just as a present. It is important that the people that really needs it, can get it. If there’s no defect or disorder, it shouldn’t be needed. For example, “24 year old Amanda, an optician in suburban Michigan, is getting the gift of a tummy tuck” (Dana 13).
We should care because too much money are being spend on getting the plastic and cosmetic surgery. Instead of using that money to get the surgery that aren’t really needed, they can use that to donate to kids or people that are more in needs. We should be caring because we don’t know what kind of afterward results we’ll have if we get the surgeries. We should care because people often die from one mistake of getting in plastic and cosmetic surgery. We should care because those plastic and cosmetic surgery doesn’t really last forever, the majority will last you like about maybe a decade only.
Many people is being affected by getting plastic or cosmetic surgeries. One example of was a girl name Annan she didn’t have very good self-esteem “I felt like it didn’t complement my face very well” (Krishnan 1). Teens girls are always looking to be good looking and society “… lure more and young patients” so the doctors know that they will fall into the trap and get the surgery (Kalb et al. 52). Teen girls also “… beg their parents” to get them the kind of surgery they want (Kalb et al. 52). Many female and male get affected but majority is women. Although women are more affected, the male they “sign up for liposuction, eyelid surgery and face lift” to make them look better (Kalb et al. 52).
Plastic and cosmetic surgery were used around “4,000 years ago in the ancient civilization of India and Egypt” (Lee and Sprauge 1). They use it to fix a patient’s face such as their nose and the jaw line. In India and Egypt they kept using it a lot and it got better over the years. It got better so “Over time, new techniques such as a simple method repairing cleft lifts and eyelid surgery, were developed” (Lee and Sprauge 1).
Nose shaping is a very big thing in cosmetic surgery. A lot of people aren’t satisfy with their nose, so they get the cosmetic surgery to make it look better. Some use to cover up a kind of disease. Later in World War II, many plastic surgeon didn’t just work on the face of the “injured patients by accidents and disease but also those seeking face-lifts”...

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