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The Failuer Of Comon Sense Essay

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The Failure of Common Sense
Have you ever noticed the common sense labels on devises now a days? There are hundreds of examples of people doing stupid things that have forced companies to put ridicules warning labels on just about every device out there. The world today is like you are back in elementary school. How? Well, if you can remember, if one person in the class did something wrong everyone would be punished. Now, even as adults, if one person does something stupid with a device and kills or injures there selves the company is forced to put a warning label on the device. Most products come with a warning label showing you how not to use the object. People have actually sued companies ...view middle of the document...

Since some people do the wrong thing others are not allowed to do these certain things anymore. People do not use their common sense and end up hurting others in the process. It is almost like people go throughout their day without thinking what they are doing would affect others, even if it is just in a small way. Children have even died because parents do not use common sense. Kids are left cars unattended in really hot weather. Why would someone even leave a child in an unattended car anyway?
There are people in this world with a masters degree and still do not understand the real world. I personally don't even know how that is possible. The lack in common sense can be see when people fall into scams or call certain numbers to get their "futures" told to them. How would that person even know? It is someone whom has never seen or talked to you before in your entire lifetime. Scams are everywhere, I mean how could they not be, since people keep not thinking about what they are doing and paying money to them. People who scam others are smart they know the legalities of what they are doing and they make you sign a contract for what you want. And what do people still do? They fall in the trap because they want the certain item so much that they do not read and end up paying 3 times as much as the item would have cost them. Remember when it says free it usually has a catch to it. Now people have even started to where clothes that are way too small for them because they think it is attractive. People put aside their common sense just to try and please others. Shouldn't there be a test to mask people learn how the world works? If there was such test common sense would be learned and I doubt the world...

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