The Failure Of My School, Intenational School Of Geneva To Promote Multiculturism And Its All Round Shortcomings In Every Aspect Of Education.

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"Heil Mein Führer !", that is probably the way the School appears to be to most students. The fact is that despite the toothpaste ad phony smiles that the teachers give you all the time it does not escape from our minds even for one second that it will be your very hands too that will do our gradings (or degradings) as the case may be.I am one of those guys who have bee repeatedly sounded off by the teachers for being too 'formal' in the class. I sometimes stand up to pose or reply to a question, always suffix or prefix my replies with a 'Sir' or 'Madam' and greet them 'Good-morning/afternoon' instead of 'Hello's' and 'Hi's' . It may well be the fact that my past schools have instilled in me a sense of respect for the teachers that is so well rooted that showing them respect and courtesy has become second nature to me but the truth is the teachers of this school deserve the minimalist respect that I have ever shown to any teacher. I probably have more respect for every single of my former teachers than all my present teachers put together. Most of teachers here are unprofessional and more interested in finishing the so-called syllabus than actually teaching all the students in the class. This is proven by the fact that some students of this school actually fail the IB exam and have to settle for a certificate instead. At every level some students are 'advised' to change their course preferences on the basis of their grades because the teachers feel that they are not upto the mark. But, in reality it is not the students who are not upto the mark but rather the teachers. It is the duty of a teacher to make the 'hopeless' students more intelligent but the teachers here simply give up at the first instance of a 'difficult' student [or at best first take Extra- classes ,at a nice BIG price and then turn them out as no-hopers]. I accuse all those teachers who have said/done this of being incompetent and unenlightened as to the purpose of being a teacher. I advise them to change their profession and not to sully the image of this noble one. It is teachers like you who give education a bad name, not the dunces you turn out of your class.The aim of the teaching in this school is to increase the gap between the intelligent and the less intelligent and in this way it fails the basic purpose of education itself. The Purpose of education is not to make the intelligent even more intelligent but rather to decrease this gap between the two. I am happy that atleast the ECIS has seen through this and refused the school accredition. For the fact is that this school does not deserve it. The pride of this school, its heritage from the League of Nations and the United Nations has been milked out of everything, every ounce of respect and reverence. The League of Nations has died and after the Iraq War '03 the UN is dying a slow one. It seems to me, that the school too is dying a rather slow and painful one, in installments.This is no longer a 'School', it has...

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