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The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was incredibly large and successful. In the prime of the empire population reached up to 56.8 million people. The land they conquered amasses to an outrageous 1 million square miles. Their influence is so great that even now people can see their imprint in architecture, law, and even helping spread Christianity, the world’s most populous religion. These amazing facts also begs a question. How did one of the world’s greatest civilization fall? Well, the fall of Roman Empire in 476 ACE was aided by ineffective rulers, the crumbling economy, and the invasion of the Germanic Tribes.
Ineffective leaders are one reason why the Roman Empire came to its demise. After the reign of ...view middle of the document...

Many Emperors would come and go. A good example of this is Pertinax. He was appointed Emperor by the senate after Commodus’ death. He was assassinated 87 days later(Fsmitha). Julianus became the next Emperor, by bribing the senate. Julinas was extremely disliked and overall very unpopular leader. Whenever he made public appearances, he was continuously jeered by the citizens of Rome(Fsmitha). When Rome’s Military Governors in provinces around the empire heard about the situation in Rome, and all of them became very interested in replacing him. This led to a 4 year civil war, between many rival military commanders. The winner was Septimius Severus, a military commander born in Libya and spent most of his career in the provinces(Fsmitha). His Severus line stayed in power till 235 BCE, until it was overthrown by Maximinus. Maximinus was a German and an Alan. Since, he was not from Rome, he had little to no respect for Rome’s institutions. His lineage was also the reason, why he had no respect or support from the senate(Fsmitha). He doubled the pay of his soldiers, by giving them money that was supposed to be for the citizen’s welfare. This obviously antagonized the Rome’s civilians. Meanwhile, people such as farmers in North Africa, were not pleased with Maximinus, because of high taxes enforced by the Empire. This situation was also not helped by the fact that many people saw him as a Barbarian pretending to act like the Emperor. The extreme displeasure with him caused people in the streets to go hunt down and kill all of his supporters(Fsmitha). His reign only lasted 3 years after he was killed by his own men. In the next five decades, only one of the many Emperors died a natural death(Fsmitha).
The effects of this tumultuous time were political chaos and a lack of respect for authority in the empire. This was caused by armies plundering towns and farms, and Emperors sending Tax collectors to forcibly get valuables from the citizens(Fsmitha). Emperors also reduced the value of money, to pay soldiers for their loyalty. As a result, prices rose exponentially, the middle class went bankrupt, and roads deteriorated(Fsmitha). Disorder throughout the empire was also prevalent. Peasants in countrysides revolted, piracy grew in the Aegean sea, and Saharan people attacked cities in Northern Africa. This cut of trade routes to India and China and decreased the population in the cities(Fsmitha). Ineffective rulers were one of the reasons why the Roman Empire fell, but not the only reason.
Inflation and the weakening economy is another reason why the Roman Empire came to its end. Many different factors weakened Rome’s Economy. The government lacked sufficient resources, like gold and silver(Beck 173). This wasn’t helped by the fact that piracy in the Mediterranean blocked many trade routes(Beck 173). To increase government revenue, they started minting gold and silver coins at a less and less value and raised taxes. While Septimus was in charge he debased...

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