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The Fall Of The Roman Empire (I Even Did The Works Cited Page For You Plagarizers, Make Sure To Know Mla Format)

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"If," write Edward Gibbon," a man were called upon to fix the period in the history of the world when the condition of the human race were most happy and prosperous, he would, without hesitation, name that which elapsed from the death of Domitian to the accession of Commodus." Yet in the next century the Roman Empire collapsed into civil wars. When in 285 AD Diocletion pulled the empire together again, there was little left of the prosperity of Gibbon's period. Several factors can be attributed to the empire's decline. The fall of the Roman Empire weas the direct result of a crumbling economy and the rising apathy of its citizens.It seems clear, then, that the causes of the collapse must, like hidden cancers, have been developing during Gibbon's period of happiness and prosperity. Some symptoms can be recognized. To take one example, in the first century of the empire, there had still been a vigorous literature (Rempel Online). However, in the second century AD from Hadrian onward, with a few exceptions, Latin literature is overcome by a sort of indolent apathy.The same apathy began to exhibit itself in municipal life. By the second century, financial burdens had been imposed on local magistrates and senators, and many cities had spent themselves into debt (Green 92). There was the cost of repairing and maintaining the temples, public baths, and the like. There were also heavy expenditures for civic sacrifices, religious processions, feasts, and the games necessary to amuse the proletariat. The wealthy citizens of the municipalities who were, in effect, the middle class, began to grow weary of the financial load. The constantly rising taxation rate was shearing them closer and closer to poverty. Furthermore, they were expected to help their communities out of debt by voluntary loans.The extension of paternalism into daily life was accompanied by a tremendous increase in the personnel of the imperial civil service (Rempel Online). Each bureau expaned its field and bureaus were constantly being created. By the time of Antoninus Pius, who ruled from 138 to 161 AD, the Roman bureacracy was as all embracing as that of modern times. Naturally, too, as benevolent paternalism and bureaucracy took over, personal freedom tended to disappear (Rempel Online). To the cost of the bureaucracy was added the expense of the dole.Originally, this was passed out once a month. By the time of Marcus Aurelias, there was a daily distribution of pork, oil, and bread to the proletariat. Meanwhile, the expenditures on the public spectacles kept mounting. A hundred million dollars a year is a moderate estimate of what was poured out on to the games (Rempel Online). There was likewise an attempt to combine subsidy to Italian farmers with charity to needy children, called the alimenta. Instituted by Nerva, who reigned from 96 to 98 AD, his system was to lend money at five percent instead of twelve percent to farmers with the proviso that the interest should be used to support...

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Fall of the Roman Empire Essay

1420 words - 6 pages , population decline, too much poisoning of the upper class population in the empire. Despite there being many overlapping reasons for the fall of the empire, according to me among the major reasons that led to the fall of the Roman Empire include the following, 1. Large amounts of ambitious general all whom wanted to be emperor. Many of these ambitious generals either wanted to be the masters of soldiers and extend their interests over and beyond the

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1786 words - 8 pages destruction of this once great Empire.[1: of the Roman Empire 2012, Accessed 2 October 2012][2: Fall of Rome 2012, Accessed 2 October 2012]To begin this downfall of the Roman Empire we must look at the problems involving succession. The empire had no solid stature for succession, a democratic system always seemed to be

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551 words - 2 pages the cause of Rome's demise seems a lot like the saying "what came first the chicken or the egg?", we cant say for sure the cause of the downfall was, and all of this is speculation, but the most logical idea is that all these different situations in my opinion are interrelated, and I don't think that one can be said to cause the others because they all caused themselves, and there for I believe that the down fall of Rome cannot be blamed on one single incident but has to be addressed as a hole situation, not just the out side invading forces, or the political destabilization, or the plague, but, the simply the down fall of Rome.

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1800 words - 8 pages Empire, it did save the Eastern Roman Empire(Byzantine Empire) for the next 1000 years(The Fall of the Roman Empire). All empires must come to an end. The Mongols, Ottomans, and Holy Roman Empires all don’t exist anymore. Even, the United Stated of America will come to its end in one point in time. Everything that goes up must come down. Even, Rome, one of the world’s greatest civilizations. To summarize, The Roman Empire fell because of ineffective leaders, the crumbling economy, and invasions by the Germanic Tribes.

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1290 words - 5 pages The fall of the Roman Empire in the West is seen as one of the most pivotal points in all of human history. This event traditionally marks the transition from classical civilization to the birth of Europe. There is an absolutely tremendous scholarly interest in this subject; thousands of books have been published and endless numbers of essays and theories, as to the cause, have been written. Why did the Roman Empire in the West fall? It

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819 words - 4 pages Christianity came to Rome, people believed in polytheism, so emperors were basically gods, so the change represents the acceptance of something else to believe in. While Christianity helped with the fall of Rome, the expansion of the empire also assisted in the fall of the Roman Empire. An Empire that is too big is not always for the better because there are more problems to be dealt with. In the case of the Roman Empire, being too big did not help Rome

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1560 words - 6 pages lasted much longer, possibly as long as the East . The same cannot be said for the other proposed causes of the fall. In summary, the rulers in the Eternal City's poor management of military and the civilian population made the Empire indefensible against the invasions of the Huns and the barbarian tribes. Works CitedGill, N.S. "Fall of Rome - Why Did the Roman Empire Decline and Fall?" Ancient / Classical History - Ancient Greece & Rome

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2316 words - 9 pages around them, wondering where Rome had gone and looking for something to put in its place.There is one final way in which the Fall of the Roman Empire made little difference, perhaps the most important reason of all: none of the changes I described made any real difference to the average poor family. The social effects of the political and economic changes were limited. It was not until much later - perhaps after the Black Death-that life began

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902 words - 4 pages relevant reasons as to why the Roman Empire fell, there are a few that have evidence to be extremely vital. I will try and prove that even though there were many potential reasons of why the Western Roman Empire fell, I believe that foreign invasions, economic and monetary problems, as well as the rise and influence of Christianity were among the main reasons and helped contribute immensely to Rome's fall.One imperative reason as to Rome's fall could

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1564 words - 6 pages The Fall of the Roman Empire could be linked to many different aspects:army,citizens,barbarianism. Personally I think that all these reasons are linked and headed by the decline of the Roman emperor. The deficient Emperor role led to the lacking military response to invasions,civil war and peasant uprisings.ROMAN EMPIRE AND ITS EMPEROREver since the adoptive system which was installed by Marcus Aurelius was never reinstalled after his death

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1147 words - 5 pages The fall of the Roman EmpireThe Roman Empire lasted from about 750 B.C. until about 1453 A.D. There were a few things that contributed to the empire's collapse. First, the unruliness in the empire caused many problems. Every time a new emperor was announced, there was always someone there to end his or her reign. A second reason for the collapse is the invasions that almost became a normal thing. They were constantly under attack by neighboring

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