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The Falling Boy: Pete Wentz Essay

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The Falling Boy: Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz, a total heartthrob for angsty teenage girls, and younger musicians idolize him. No bassist has upstaged a frontman like him, with the habit for grabbing headlines: from his suicide attempt, photos with celebrities like Kanye West, or his extravagant Alice In Wonderland themed wedding to his ex-wife Ashlee Simpson. Wentz might seem like he has it all and more, but truth is, he had to hit rock bottom before he even got to his superstar status now. Pete Wentz overcame depression by realizing that he needed to change, expressing his feeling through his lyrics, and having a son to care for.
Around the peak of Fall Out Boy’s career, Wentz was abusing Xanax ...view middle of the document...

After being in the hospital for a while and finally coming back home, Wentz realized that he needed to stop this downward spiral of self destruction. He wanted to be the person that everyone used to know him as, not some crazy addict. Wentz said, “It's not about keeping your head above water and barely keep going." He wanted to be more than fine (A Depressed Pete Wentz Attempted Suicide). He wanted to be less anxious and paranoid about everything around him. Of course something like that takes a lot of work, an addiction was something that someone could just snap off and on whenever they pleased. Even more so when that someone is a huge rock star who is constantly on tour. He stopped secluding himself from everyone on tour, he stopped hiding; Wentz admitted that he needed help. What helped him out the most was just simply reading about himself, or just looking in the mirror. Wentz said, “I couldn’t just tread water anymore. It became sink or swim” (Ty White).
Wentz stopped taking pills completely, started to talk to people about his problems more instead of holding them all in. Wentz knew that he needed to stop after almost dying a second time. He got his life together, stopping the pill taking in a whole. He wanted to stop being in the limelight in a bad way, not wanting to attract any bad attention to him or his family. After going to good therapists and counseling from not only professionals, but his friends, Wentz made a slow, but steady recovery. Patrick Stump, the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, was a huge help with his recovery as well. Wentz said the two had a special, weird bond, and Stump knew when his fellow bassist was upset (Ty White). After everything Wentz went through, he still got his life together. He did it for himself, he looked in the mirror and said it was time for change, and change he did. Wentz successfully changed for the better, he was back to the person that everyone knew him before the addictions or the depression; good ole Pete Wentz.
Being the lyricist of Fall Out Boy, Pete had to power to incorporate his feelings with the lyrics he wrote for the band. It was easy to tell a story with a whole album or lyrics, and that’s just what most of the songs are; stories. Wentz talked about why he writes the type of lyrics he writes, saying this, “I can be unhappy and I can be happy, I am just one human being that thinks about my life and tries to figure myself out. When I write about feeling depressed, it's not because I want to put on black nail varnish, and when I write songs about being happy it's not because I sold a million records. It's because I am going through my life and figuring it out as I go along” (Peter Wentz). The lyrics for Wentz just came through his life experiences, through the breakups, changes in the band, his own personal problems, and more. Each song has it’s own little meaning to it, each song was special in it’s own way in a sense. It didn’t matter what the song was about, because the songs connected...

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