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The Falsely Accused Essay

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You’re a Witch! No you’re a witch! In Salem, Massachusetts, 1692, accusations began. Neighbor turned against neighbor, friends turned against friends, and even husbands and wives turned against each other. However, all of these people were innocent. They were all accused of being a witch. Over 200 people were accused of being a witch and 20 were killed because of these accusations (In Search of History). In Salem, Massachusetts many people were falsely accused and some died because they were accused of being a witch even though, witches don’t exist.
In Salem Massachusetts there was mass hysteria caused by a few girls. It all started in the house of Reverend Parris, 1692. During a long and ...view middle of the document...

These people were falsely accused of being witches and wizards. These courts used something that should never be used in a real court system. They used spectral evidence.
Spectral evidence is evidence that only the accusers could see. They would say the the “witch's” spector was torturing them of was forcing them to do something. This evidence was only visible to the person accusing them. They could easily be making it up. In a book written at the time by Increase and Cotton Mather, they said that spectral evidence should never be used in court.
Another terrible thing that was done was that if somebody would confess to being a witch then they would get treated better and they would get moved to a better part of the jail. This would almost guarantee that they most everybody would confess to being a witch. It wouldn’t matter if they knew that they were or not. People who would confess to being a witch would only have to apologize to the “afflicted” girls and promise that they would never do it again. After they apologize then they would get all charges dropped and they could be free. Both of these practices that they had made it so that either you confessed or you were killed.
Overall 20 people were killed because of accusations of witchcraft. The first person to get hanged was Bridget Bishop (In Search of History). Following her execution 18 other suspected witches were hanged. Also one man was pressed to death with heavy stones (A Brief History). All of these executions started to get to the people of Salem. They started to notice that what they were doing was wrong.
By May 1693 Governor Phipps pardoned all of the accused “witches” and got rid of the...

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