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“Blood is thicker than water” and “Family before friends” are two common ideas related to the idea of family vs. friends. With social changes to modern society these two terms are even more relevant to how families work and how families will continue to form in the future. According to Mary Patricia Treuthart, author of “Adopting a more realistic definition of family” in the 1990’s the appropriate definition of family was “a breadwinner-husband and a homemaker-wife who live with their biological children,” (Treuthart, 91). This idea focused around the fact that the children had to be blood related and the parents had to be a heterosexual couple. This idea of a family is no longer applicable ...view middle of the document...

The concept of picking who you wish your family to be was around long before the 21st century, so where does the idea of blood being thicker than water come into play and where did this socialist view on family come from?
An old proverb brings up the idea that blood is thicker than water. From first glance one might assume that this phrase means that one must remember their loyalty to their family over commoners. However, one would be misled. In order to properly break down this quote it must be split into separate pieces instead of looking into it as a whole. The idea of blood is typically connected to the blood relations in the family. However, the idea of water can be connected to the embryonic sack which would also demonstrate a blood connection. Through some deciphering an idea has come about that blood could possibly relate back to the blood covenants once formed by individuals. This would be a promise to a friend more than an actually blood relation. So stating that blood is thicker than water would relate back to the idea that the bonds we form with friends is stronger than the bonds we are born with. With the previous idea from Proverbs and the idea that friendships that are formed have more of an impact and have the potential to form stronger bonds than those that we are born with. So where did the socialist idea of what a family is and what a family isn’t come from? According to an article written by John Berman and Enjoli Francais of ABC news the Census Bureau’s definition of family remains traditional. Berman and Francais go on to state that "A family is a group of two people or more (one of whom is the householder) related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together" (Berman, 2010). This definition is still stuck in the mindset that in order to be considered family legal matters must have been taken care of. The individuals must have proof of relations in order to be considered family. With this as the mindset of so many individuals for centuries is it not rational to think that family simply consists of the people whom you are blood related to? However, this concept has been instilled into us through the influence of our legal system not through our own desires. With this mindset it is easy to figure that no matter how close we get to someone in our life unless we plan on marring, adopting, and residing together or we share a blood connection than we are not considered family. However, in order to demonstrate how family extends much further than blood relations an evaluation of my relationship with first my longest friend KayLee and then a more personal example of how people...

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