The Family Unit Through Time Essay

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The family of today has many advantages and challenges when compared to the families of the past. Today’s families are more diverse, and have an increase in communication versus the older family unit. However, coupled with the advantages are the challenges of having increased instability, which leads to a higher incidence rate of having a stepfamily, both of which are hard to deal with especially when it comes to children. The family of today is only a shadow of the family of yesteryear; this is both a good thing and a bad thing when taken in perspective, but ultimately is something that is unavoidable as the family evolves.
The diversity of families has increased, no longer are people bound by their ethnic group, race, or even location when it comes to finding a compatible spouse (Benokraitis 101-102). People are marrying from all over the world and from all over the ethnic spectrum, this leads to a family that is more in tune with the world and is indeed worldlier. With the ability to find a spouse outside of all of the older restrictions people are able to establish happier marriages that are built more on mutual love than those that are built around financial stability. Not only are people going outside of their social boundaries they are also going outside of their religious ones as well, with inter-religion marriages more common now than in the past people are more likely to have a broader pool of eligible spouses. This again leads to a more worldly family that is less likely to be intolerant and less likely to pass on intoleration to their children. Finally, there are same-sex marriages that have become more accepted today, while they are still against the norms and mores of some groups, they are by no means the sacrosanct taboo that was prevalent in the past. These families are truly based on love, in a sense survival and are very stable, and for many children a good home.
There has also been an increase in the amount of communication done throughout families. As technology advances so does the number of communication mediums, no longer are people bound to have to have a face-to-face conversation or write a letter, they are able to communicate in a plethora of new and innovative ways. Parents are able to keep track of the children and each other at all times due the cell phone, and families are able to stay connected even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart due to the internet. Not only are families communicating more they are able to spend more time together. With the establishment of the forty hour workweek parents had much more time to spend with their families. Some people may say that a working mother is a bad mother, but it is not true because of the economy we live in it is highly improbable that one person can earn enough to support an entire household. Couple that with the fact that working mothers spend more time with their children today than they did fifty years ago (Benokraitis 18) due to the...

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