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The great artesian basin is Australia's largest freshwater resource. The basin underlies portions of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and northern territories. It is the only reliable source of water in the area. Furthermore, even though it is costly to operate, the management and positives outweighs the consequences of the basin. There are so many positive effects just from this one piece of land whether it be environmental, social, or economic benefits. The basin is an important aspect of modern day Australia.

Australia's main focus towards the basin is to provide people within a range of the basin an easy natural supply of water. To find water without the basin would be a very difficult task like before the basin was discovered. If only people could have known there was water beneath them in the struggling days of Australia. When water was discovered underground Australia's natural spring systems became valuable to many people. Water travels at a extremely slow rate through porous rock deep underground. Sometimes water bubbles and soaks its way to the surface through natural springs. However; we also dig in the ground for water. The great artesian basin is located on the top right corner in Australia based on a map. Through large amounts of years when ice ages and when tectonic plates move they cause the ocean to rise and fall. When ocean levels rose, water became caught inside where land once was. The effect of water being trapped inside caused an ocean to form. When the ocean levels fell the area became land again. The Water became trapped between sandstone rock and an impermeable layer of rock. In order for water to reach the surface it has to pass through the sandstone rock.The great artesian basin has been a fundamental resource in the development of agriculture and mining. In parts of queensland Australia this basin has become an essential and reliable resource for water and economic growth

The great artesian basin is a very extensive and complex aquifer. By using the method of capping and piping we will be able to save water that we receive from the basin.The water can also be integrated on farm land for management in the landscape. The basin in Australia creates community awareness and education of basin values, sustainable practices, and emerging knowledge and technology. Because of the basin there is no struggle for clean and fresh water in the area. The basin is also has a huge impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases which is caused by uncontrolled bore flow in the basin. The great artesian basins water has a higher value depending on where the water came from a natural spring or sitting on a layer of impermeable rock. These are all positive benefits of the basin but a deep impact Australia gets from the basin is higher economic and social returns from water used.

The great artesian basin is known for its mass production of...

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