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The Great Depression Trademarks America Essay

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The Great Depression trademarks America at its all-time historical down point. In FDR’s Folly, Powell spotlights the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, astronomical levels of unemployment, as well as the New Deal program developed to combat the Great Depression. Powell, who was born and educated in London, earned a master’s degree in history and he clearly demonstrates his views to the reader. In his words, FDR’s presidency did not aid the economic state but drove it further back as well as his inability to solve of any of the problems within The Great Depression. The main goals of the New Deal programs were to lower the unemployment and help put money back into the U.S. economy which they did not do. With the FDR administration there was no change in the economic well-being within in the states. The Great Depression sparked an economic battle in the United States credited to FDR for his naïve decisions while president, forever scarring the face of the United States.
Franklin D. Roosevelt did the exact opposite of what America had anticipated. Roosevelt did not perform up to the expectations of a man of his incredible ideas . Many of the ideas FDR had culminated would have worked well in aiding the economy; however he could never execute them efficiently or at the right time. Many of FDR’s ideas for America were initiated with good intentions but fell short of their economic goals. We see this particularly when he issued one of his speeches on the backing of tariffs, he said “put the two together” . This is evidence that Roosevelt failed to thoroughly think through his speeches and what he was going to say. One of FDR’s plans was to seize control of all gold in the United States. During the Great Depression there was very little hope for the Federal Reserve, so he took action in actively reducing the value of gold . Gold is a large controlling piece of any economy. FDR believed gaining control of the gold would make the economy stronger due to the inflation. However, after gaining control of gold, he used it as a tool to show his authority within the country. This control he had could allow FDR to manipulate the country’s economic status however he needed to. Many of the reoccurring problems in America during the Great Depression were the result of FDR’s New Deal programs, and his inability to lead the nation during this time of economic crisis.
One of the crippling agents during the Great Depression was one of the tools being used to solve them, the New Deal programs. Once Franklin D. Roosevelt took office he worked to keep the banks closed, which actually destroyed some of the more capable banks. FDR issued Title I as an emergency act that he implemented to extend the banks opening as he seemed fit . By keeping the doors to the banks closed FDR only made the struggle of the citizens worse. While this was going on, ultimate control of the banking status was with the Secretary of the Treasury . All banks now had to consult with the...

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