The Great Story Of The Beatles

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The Beatles consisted of four young men John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They originally were called the Quarrymen Skiffle Group, then the Moondogs, the Moonshiners and lastly the Beatles; a name that is well known throughout rock and roll history today. In 1963 before the Beatles arrived in America, their albums were purchased by the millions. People were changing their hair to look just like them and girls went crazy screaming and fainting to the word Beatles. The frenzy spread quickly over to America on February 7, 1964. What happened over in England and Paris was repeating itself over in America; Americans were experiencing Beatlemania. The Beatles unprecedented popularity in 1960s rock and roll changed America culturally, socially, and politically.Before the Beatles came to America Elvis Presley was the Rock and Roll star of the 1950s. Americans had short combed back sleek hair with little to no facial hair. They were conservative calm people who carried on what was expected of them in their lives. This sense of order all changed once the wave of the Beatlemania swept through America. In the 1960s the Beatles wanted to appeal to teenagers without annoying adults. This was shown impossible once girls began screaming at the top of their lungs and fainting at Beatles concerts. The style of hair and dress was changing as well. Their new sound intrigued many of these American teenagers as well as adults. Their sound surprised many people in that it was constantly changing. In one album they would have several songs that were all different but were all great songs. Americans wanted to be just like them. Beatles wigs were being sold everywhere for three dollars apiece. Boys were combing their hair forward and girls were getting Beatles haircuts. Beatles T-shirts, hats, cookies, ice cream, turtlenecks, socks, collarless green and blue suits were all being sold. Children had Beatles scooters while adults had Beatles cars. At the end of the year, more than $50 million of Beatles merchandise had been sold. This movement became to be known as Beatlemania. Mania is defined as "unreasonable desire, excitement or enthusiasm" hence the term Beatlemania. The Beatles were seen as a culture of youth, that were committed not to reason, beauty, or good taste, but rather to freedom and fun. This freedom and fun that was in their music is what made the Beatles so famous. Their constant changes in their music made millions of people love their music which ultimately made them famous.The Beatles were extraordinarily creative and talented musicians who expanded the boundaries of rock and roll. They offered an exciting new sound that intrigued many Americans. The Beatles were like Pablo Picasso with his art, they never did the same style of music, it was always different. Pablo Picasso was a famous Spanish artist who went out of the norm to make a new form of art, cubism. His strange new technique puzzled many people and was later adored...

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3257 words - 13 pages an expression of delight at being able to slip away from the business meetings that the Beatles had encountered.Unterberger, Richie. Turn! Turn! Turn! the '60s folk-rock revolution. 1st ed. San Francisco: Backbeat Books, 2002. 63-99. Print.This book gave great information about how they changed the lives of teenagers in America, Britain and the rest of the world with their humor, long hair, attitudes, and outstandable cheekiness. This book also gave facts about how they Phil Spector beat got oozed into The Beatles' brains and how they brought the beat back but with more folk music chord changes.

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