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The Dream Essay

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It was a hot, sticky, boring day. The buzzing of air conditioners filled the entire courtyard. Those who were outside were crawling around “like sick cockroaches” as my sister would say. Even my blue frog Sedric looked like he was hibernating. I sat there wishing for something, anything to happen. I tried to coax Sedric out of hiding with some flies I had caught for him that were coming in swarms to my room. All he did was let out an annoyed croak and go back to sleep.
Then the doorbell rang. I took the stairs two at a time, nearly falling on the last one, and for all my trouble the person at the door was Shane. Let me stop and tell you about Shane for a minute. Think of the worst school bully you can think of, then imagine Shane about ten times worse. For fun he enjoys setting fires and running over the neighbors, mostly Mr. Smith, on his skateboard. Of course he was no friend of mine either, on multiple occasions he had embarrassed me, stolen my things from school, and he once tried to steal Sedric while we were in the living room watching television. Which is why I am concerned that he was at my house,
“What’s the rush Ally?” He sneered at me, “waiting for someone in particular, or just excited to see me?” I really would have loved to punch him in the face right then, it certainly would be something interesting to do. As usual his clothes smelled like ash and rubbing alcohol. His hair was a dark brown and always greasy, I bet bacon didn’t have that much grease. Then of course there was Ally, Ally this, Ally that.
“My name is not Ally It’s Alex” I growled at him. His hazel eyes showed that he really couldn’t care less about my name, so I finally decided to risk asking;
“I’m sure you have a reason for coming over here Shane, care to enlighten me of it?” He pretended to think for a minute, looking at his grubby fingernails that could probably grow potatoes under them.
“I think you can agree with me, Ally, that this is an incredibly boring summer, maybe we should try to do something interesting instead.” Something interesting could be dangerous, Shane’s idea of interesting was probably blowing up Sedric with helium to see if he would really turn into a balloon.
“You’re idea of interesting and mine are completely different. How about this, you tell me what you are thinking of and then I will decide if I want anything to do with it.” Yeah, I know, you are probably wondering, why would you do that? He’s a terrible kid! Just close the door and walk away, right? However I was so bored, we had planned on going on vacation this summer but the car broke down and now we were stuck here. Before I could stop him though Shane pushed passed me and run up the stairs towards my room. Serves me right for trusting an urchin like him. I dashed up the stairs and saw him dumping some sort of fluid in Sedric’s little coconut house. Then to top things off he opened the grimy window, that sounded like it had been closed for ages,...

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