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The Far Reaching Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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During the period from the early 18th century to the mid 19th century people experienced many changes that had an impact on their lives such as technical advance, development of transport, trade, better organization of output or new financial structures. All these achievements happened spontaneously and were not planned. Economy was in process of rapid change and it gave many opportunities for people to gain wealth as well as social advancement. Almost every aspect of people’s lives was influenced in some way. This essay would like to argue that there were many innovations during this era; however, the biggest changes that people went through were industrialization and trade. Industrialization stalled the manual labour and set off the machine-based manufacturing. This major shift was closely associated with new rules for workers who had to adapt to new system. Furthermore, free trade became a phenomenon that brought profit and gave domestic workers job opportunities.

Industrialization was one of the major aspects during the Industrial Revolution. It brought changes in organization of production, managerial oversight and relationship between employer and labourer had changed as well. Old relationship between master and his worker disappeared because now hundreds of workers were employed in the company. Because the industrialization was new for everybody, there were no experienced workers. Therefore everybody could learn and start working. Men, women and children were expected to work so the Industrial Revolution created job opportunities for all members of the family. At first the biggest conflict was between the labourer and innovations. Managers tried to innovate or automate their factories. However, new technologies caused confusion and problems. Labourers had to learn how to work with machines; the job that they used to do the entire life had totally changed. Workers had to obtain new skills, attitudes and work discipline. No wonder that many workers disagreed and resisted either actively or passively. Those who were willing to adapt new system were forced to leave their domestic workshop because they would have had a little chance to compete against new factories. It was a change for entrepreneurs as well. They worked out the problems related to management, financing or accounting. If managers wanted to be successful they had to change the organization of work and control their employees. Before, work morale or fixed working hours were not common. Workers used to drink 3 days a week.Work was often inefficient, protracted and changes were necessary. Thanks to English pottery master Josiah Wedgewood, the most important innovations occurred during this era in the labour market. It was subdivision of tasks, training of new workers and work discipline.
Let’s look at subdivision of work first. One worker no longer made the whole product by himself. Work was simplified to a single process and became a dull routine. Same mechanical...

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