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The Far Reaching Consequences Of Global Warming

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Talk about global warming
With the development of our society nowadays, we have witnessed the enormous changes not only in economics, politics and etc. However, the most incredible changes during those years are environmental problems, which people still a big issue for people to figure. Some of the obvious environmental problems may be salved by human beings’ struggling. However, like the biggest and the most serious problem----global warming still exist and it is having an alarming effect on climate and weather events, with far-reaching consequences across the world. Under this circumstances, people start to focus on ample controls like control of pollution, Afforestation & regeneration of degraded areas, and etc.

As we know, Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation. With the rapid increase of earth temperature rise in sea levels and a change in the amount and pattern of precipitation. According to research I conduct, we can clearly find that the carbon dioxide emission is increasing rapidly. And most countries try to try their best to reduce emission of the CO2, but the process is still not work barely well.

So What we should do to fix this problem?

First, we can actually Higher the prices of gas. Higher the prices of fuel make drivers more aware of the environment costs that driving incurs. There will be less market demand for gas guzzlers like SUVs and pickup trucks. Public transit and the nation of “going green” will be more popular among the middle-class adults and the kids, some of whom will hold the key to the future environmental problems.

Second, we can Control of the cutting trees and start to plant trees. Think of all the trees chopped down for the making of paper. Today, a still very low proportion of books are printed on recycled paper. However, the environment should not be something to be subjugated or exploited. Books are by no means eco-friendly when you take into account the colossal amount of paper they consume. Actually, whole areas of tropical rainforests are disappearing because of this each year. And as matter of fact, information stored in books is not so durable because books can be easily tore, worn out or even burned. I believe books should only be part of our past and present, but surely not the future.

We also can focus on the Population control. As we know, the reason our Earth is getting hotter is that human activities are emitting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The radiation from the sun gets trapped in the bag of carbon dioxide that surrounds our earth. One main reason for the problem of global warming is the growing number of the population. and each of People produce a great deal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from many different sources, and most of this CO2 ends up in the atmosphere. For example, there were 531 million cars worldwide [source: World Watch]. Each of those cars, on average,...

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