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The Farm Essay

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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's
greed.” Greed is an inordinate aspiration to have possession of a certain object a person is fond of. Humans are weakened by their needs from greed. Greed is a vice, one of the seven deadly sins of man. Greed never takes a day off, like an ink stain on a shirt it just stays there.It is a river whose clear water is incessantly flowing,never taking a break.

Red and gold leaves blew through the air, dancing in the autumn breeze. Mr. Jonas, a pig, was walking on the very last acres of the farm on which he lived on. He came upon a captivating terrain filled with the most magnificent trees, bushes, and rivers. The emerald leaves danced on branches the hue of dark chocolate.Every branch was laden with fruits of all sorts, from pears to apples. The ground, smeared in mud, was every pigs dream. The next night,Mr. Jonas invited his closest friend, Mr. Porcum, over They went past the orchards of cherries and past the windy road through the woods until finally they reached a crossroad. Turning left they came across a small area of land no more than six acres.The two animals stood in awe.
The pigs declared war on each other and vowed they would have the land to themselves.The news spread as fast as a wildfire set ablaze.At first the pigs only called upon their confederates, their fellow pigs.Other farm animals soon got involved. A couple of ducks soon turned into some geese and until finally all the farm animals were involved. Some animals fought, other supplied equipment and the rest served as nurses or cooks.The animals who sold supplies profited the most of this war. Mr.Capra, a goat, made plenty of money selling his wool which was used for blankets. The more days the battle went on, the more money they acquired. Each day was as monotonous as the first. They got up and accoutered in their military uniform and went back on the field and fought. For days,the fight raged on, neither side willing to be the weaker side. Instead of traditional weapons the animals created their own artillery. The pigs were preoccupied with throwing mud pies at each other. Whenever a mud pie hit a pigs face, the outside of the pie cracked on their snouts and the insides of the pie, not dry yet, blinded the pig causing them to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. The geese catapulted corn kernels across the fields; so,when anyone looked up to the sky they saw corn kernels being launched into the air. The corn kernels plopped down and buried themselves into the feathers of the bird causing them to shake out their feathers out every five minutes. The cows flung stacks of hay at each other.Birds dropped stones from above which crashed down on animals. A blue sky with birds dropping stones to the ground, corn kernels being flung in the air, hay being projected across the battlefield and mud being hurled...

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