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As I stepped out into the gleaming sunlight, I had to shield my eyes from the sudden glare that came to rest upon my eyes as I moved out of the shadows of my family’s dimly-lit garage. After not seeing the sun for over two months, I paused to muse about how unusual it felt to finally be under the sun’s rays again, along with how strange it was to venture forth into the environs without anything related to winter wear protecting my sensitive skin from the biting cold. It was a Monday afternoon, and the weather app on my phone brightly informed me that we would enjoy a high of eighty-one, and the lowest temperature, barely falling below fifty seven. I had to stop and think back as to why I had ever complained about the weather here in Arizona, but I suppose experiencing what the other end of the meteorological spectrum has to offer really puts things into perspective. After I had my moment of adjustment, I climbed into the passenger seat of my mother’s Mazda and after she had finished her never-ending feud with the GPS system of the vehicle, we began the journey to our restaurant of choice, The Farm Kitchen.
The Farm Kitchen is one of three eateries that makes up The Farm at South Mountain. It specializes in and only serves lunch, while the other two restaurants on the property, the Morning Glory Café and the Quiessence Restaurant, handle breakfast and dinner respectively. When my mother cranked the steering wheel to the right and we pulled onto the dirt and gravel road that extends deep into the property that houses these eateries, I was amazed and even a little shocked at what I saw stretching before me. It was nothing like what I was used to seeing. To be completely honest, I do not believe I knew exactly what I was expecting, but what I received certainly was not it. Lining the gravel road was a grove of pecan trees and although they were, at the moment, leafless due to the ‘winter’ we had just moseyed through, there were picnic tables set beneath their bare boughs and pets and younger children ran freely amongst the grove.
My mother and I traipsed down the gravel road to the actual restaurant, and I will admit that I think my heart skipped a beat when I looked at the menu and saw no option for soda offered. My mother told me to just accept it and so I did. I inspected the menu over and over again, eyeing the descriptions with some hesitance. I finally decided on ordering a sandwich called the Chicken BLTDA, which consisted of marinated chicken breast, crispy bacon, and organic field greens, local dates, Granny Smith apples and tomatoes with basil mayo, all loaded onto two slices of homemade potato bread. My mother decided to get the same thing, and with our decisions in mind, we headed into the actual restaurant and first, ordered our drinks. I requested a glass of lemonade, and as the man behind the counter prepared my drink, I inquired as to whether or not they grew their own lemons here at the Farm. He responded that they did not, but...

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