The Farm Bank Case Essay

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The Farm Bank

These are the question that has to be answered.

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Review your work and the model answer. What accounts for any noticeable differences between the two? (1 paragraph)

What alternatives are available to the Farm Bank? (1 paragraph)

What would you recommend and why? (1 to 2 paragraphs)

The Farm Bank

The Farm Bank is an old and solid banking institution. Located in a regional marketing center, the bank has been active in all phases of banking, specializing in farm loans. The bank's president, Frank Swain, 62, has been with the bank for many years and is prominent in many circles.

The bank is organized into five departments with a senior vice president heading each of these departments. They have been with the bank for years and in general reflect a stable and conservative outlook. This organizational chart reflects the partial organizational structure of The Farm Bank.

This is something like an organizational chart.


Mr. Swain


Savings MIS Loans Operations Trust Investments

Mr. Hassler



Ms. Wyatt

The Management Information System

Two years ago, President Swain felt that the bank needed to modernize its operation, and with the approval of the board of directors (above President Swain), he decided to design and install a comprehensive management information system (MIS). The primary goal was to improve internal operations by supplying necessary information on a more expedited basis, thereby decreasing the time necessary to service customers. The system was also to be designed to provide economic operating data for top management planning and decision making. To head this department he selected Al Hassler, 58, a solid operations manager who had some knowledge and experience in the computer department.

After the system was designed and installed, Al hired a young woman as his assistant. Valerie Wyatt was a young M.B.A. with a strong systems analysis background. In addition to being the only women and considerably younger than any of the other managers at this level, Wyatt was also the only M.B.A.

In the time since the system installed, the MIS has printed thousands of pages of operating...

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