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The Fascinating Aurora Lights Essay

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The astronomy picture of the day I chose to write this paper on was posted on March 24, 2014. The picture is of Orion and Aurora over Iceland. I was drawn to this image because my first glimpse of this fascination occurred while viewing a video of this image in my 12th grade physics class. I thought the video was cool and the colors of the aurora was an amazing sight. At the time I didn’t have to research the anything about the video but I was intrigued about it. The image is credited to Thorvardur Árnason, but there was a similar image posted two years ago by photographer Daniel Lopez. In the center of the picture lies the stratovolcano Öræfajökull. The snow covered volcano is located in ...view middle of the document...

The other form of aurora are discrete auroras. These types are contained within the diffuse aurora and are mostly images seen and taken today. Discreet auroras brightness determines if and when it can be seen. This type can be bright enough to provide anyone in the surrounding area enough light to read. Even though they can be this bright, discreet auroras are only seen in the dark sky.
These extraordinary light displays are not a recent discovery, they actually have a long history of findings. According to physicist Scottish Balfour Stewart, the auroras that resulted from the solar storm occurring on two days, August 28th and September 2nd in 1859, are thought the most spectacular in recent recorded history. The New York Times reported that the aurora in Boston was "so brilliant that at about one o'clock ordinary print could be read by the light”. Just imagine all the excitement that must’ve rushed over everyone. The first time I observed one of these light spectacles was in a classroom on a projector. It would’ve been one of the most beautifulness things to observe while it is happening .The intriguing findings resulted in many theories and experimentation. Benjamin Franklin was of the most intriguing person interested in the aurora borealis, calling it “the mystery of the Northern Lights”. The Library of Congress exhibition on Benjamin Franklin states that he began his voyages across the North Atlantic to England in search of the captivating lights. He accredited the fascination of the shifting lights “to a concentration of electrical charges in the Polar Regions that were intensified by the snow and other moisture”. He concluded that this overcharging caused a release of the electrical illumination into the air. He analyzed the causes of the aurora borealis, which was read by a highly recognized society.
The natural light displays has many colors depending on their altitudes and location mentioned earlier. Red and green are the most common colors of...

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