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The Fat Lie Of Being Skinny

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Fat phobia is one of the major causes of anorexia, and 81% of ten year old girls fear becoming fat. A body image complex is very serious mental issue that becoming more and more eminent in society today. The media should not be able to show only one “perfect” view of the female body. Media’s influence effects eating disorders and the ideal body-image negatively, and causes models to harm themselves in the process.
Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, are very unique and complex mental disorders. They cannot be simplified into a single cause, such as the media’s influence (Goldring). However, many statistics show the media affects girls, especially young ones, significantly.
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People are instead shown a body that can be physically impossible for them to achieve. Females in high fashion should be between 5’9 and 6’ foot , and 110 to 130 pounds, according to the New York Better Business Bureau (“Modeling”). This unrealistic image is shown to young girls in all types of media. In a study of female teens in fifth to twelfth grade, 47% wanted to lose weight because of pictures in magazines, and 69% said their ideal body image was influenced by magazines (“Eating Disorder”). Exposure to this “perfect”, unhealthy body is affecting all ages of females. Unfortunately, the effect of this exposure is usually negative, contributing factor to eating disorders.
While adolescents strive for a body praised in society, many don’t consider the fact that these representations aren’t real. The introduction of Photoshop helped to create a view of perfection that virtually does not exist. With digital retouching, cellulite, wrinkles and other “flaws” can be erased from sight (Hardy). Women in magazines have been stretched, shrunk, and altered to the point where they are almost unrecognizable. The American Medical Society stated in 2011 that “the way the media corrects photographs of humans is a leading cause of a deadly illness [anorexia]” (McIvor). Editors of Vogue, Health, Cosmo, and Self have all admitted to not only making models thinner, but also adding curves to ones they dubbed too skinny (Hardy). In this day and age, not only are many people considered too fat, but also too thin. If even the models don’t fit the standard they represent, it is insane to think average women can obtain it healthily.
Thanks to digital correction, the average person hardly sees the horrible downsides of “being skinny.” Leah Hardy, former editor of Cosmo, saw...

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