The Fatal Obsession: Theme Paper Over Jake Reinvented By: Chris Stokke 03/05/2014

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Obsessions definition is as follows; when someone or something fills your mind to a troubling extent. The littlest of things can obsess people and when people are obsessed they can cause harm to themselves or anyone else around them. If it comes down to people are getting hurt that obsessed person should be sent to help. Jake Garrett did not get any help until it was to late.
In the book Jake Reinvented Jake is the character that looks like he is the person that everyone wants but deep inside he is an unpopular kid. Jake grew up with a girl named Didi and fell in loved with her and couldn’t stop thinking about her, but she could never be with Jake because she was cool and he was a nerd. ...view middle of the document...

The only thing that fills his mind is Didi and he is willing to do anything to get her and may even kill someone just to get her to love him and be with him. In Jake Garrett’s last party that he throws a huge maniac comes after Jake, probably to kill him, because Todd finds out that Jake is trying to get with Didi so he tells Nelson that Jake was the guy that fooled around with Melissa, Nelsons girlfriend. So, Nelson goes on a rampage and starts choking Jake out. Didi is standing by Jake and hits Nelson in the head with a bottle and the big guy goes down. Then when the police come because a fire broke out at the house they ask who hit Nelson over the head. Jake turns himself in for Didi, which is a sweet thing to do. The obsessed part is instead of saying that Didi did it in self-defense in order to save Jakes life he now has to go to court for a crime that he didn’t do.
Rick the narrator comes and visits Jake in prison being that he is Jakes only friend. The first thing that Jake says is, “Hey man how’s Didi holding up?” page 158. Jake doesn’t care about the house that was on fire or Nelson or anything but Didi. Finally Rick snaps he says, “She doesn’t care about you man she is with Todd and that is never going to change.” When Rick said that it hit home so Jake looked for a way out of jail, he still didn’t throw Didi under the bus like most people would. Instead of...

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