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The Fatal Twist Essay

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The Fatal Twist
Crime stopping is a recurring activity at the New York Police Department. Police officers stop, arrest and sometimes kill criminals to ensure safety in New York. I’m just a detective looking for a case to solve. The name is Collin Scott, but here at the NYPD, I’m known as detective Rook, the only detective who hasn’t cracked in case in 3 months.

Every morning at 8:00am, I walk into the police station with my large Starbucks coffee and go straight to my office desk. Today is different though. Before I even enter my small office, I hear a voice shouting, “Hey yo Rook, the chief wants you in his office!” I nod and go meet with the chief.

As soon as I enter, I can tell I’m ...view middle of the document...

The second is Talia Taylor. Female, 41 years old, married and has a 11 year old disabled son. The evidence is not helpful as well. Wade was shot 3 times in the head and Talia was shot once in the heart area. After 5 long hours, the only common elements of the crime is that they were both shot by a gun. I decide to drive home and continue tomorrow.

I arrive home to hear the phone ringing and sprint over to the countertop to answer it.
“Hello?” I say
“Hi Collin, It’s officer Tori Valentine. I wanted to tell you that were 2 more bodies found. I am really busy, so turn on channel seven, a news report is on right now,” she says.
I respond, “Okay. Thanks so much! Bye.” I grab the TV remote and switch to channel seven. I find out that Nathan Neville and Lisa Leung were murdered together just a few hours ago. Each got shot twice in the head and both were incredible doctors. This isn’t just a random killer, who wants to kill anyone he sees, there’s a pattern and I think I found it.

The next day I go to the examination room to look for fingerprints. Luckily, Nathan Neville must have been fighting the criminal before he died because several fingerprints were on his jacket. Those fingerprints matched up with a man named Olly Jackson, a 43 year old who was a action figure builder and was always bullied. There is no other trace of information other than that.

Throughout my investigation today, I check if the pattern I found works. The first victim, Wade Wallace was killed behind Wally’s toy store, Talia was killed near Today Gaming and Nathan and Lisa were killed beside New Life Figures. Each victim’s first initial matches up with the first letter of the store name and all the victims have same letter initials. Also, each store was a toy/games store, Olly’s favorite things. I search up the address of each store. Wally’s is on 3rd avenue and Wade Wallace got shot 3 times, Today Gaming is on 1st avenue and Talia Taylor got shot once and finally, New Life Figures is on 4th avenue and Nathan and Lisa were both shot twice. Two plus two is four. Every address number, is the same as the number of shots used to kill each victim, except for Nathan and Lisa. Their total bullet amount, four, is the same as the address number. The killer, Olly Jackson, must be using a special system. I believe he is going to use the first letter of each of the...

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