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The Father And The Son An Unbreakable Bond

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Humanity has always reflected on the idea of its own demise in the near future and on the multiple scenarios that depict the end of times. This obsession has led to a very popular conception nowadays and it can be seen in many forms of media and literature. The vision of a dark and tragic future has penetrated our minds, giving birth to numerous conceptions and imaginings of an apparent doomsday scenario, which can be both fascinating and terrifying at the same time.
The human mind is capable of conceiving several depictions of the end of the world, which are fueled by our world’s contemporary problems, the evolution of technology, religion or other science fiction theories. Whether society ...view middle of the document...

Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic novel The Road depicts a world which has been ravaged by an unknown cataclysm, leaving the ecosystem ruined and humanity on the brink of extinction. Because of this disaster of biblical proportions, the remaining inhabitants of the planet must survive harsh and merciless conditions, most of them abandoning their humanity and good will, resorting to murder, cannibalism and other violent acts that would not be accepted in a civilized and ord The world Cormac McCarthy wrote about is certainly the grimmest and most decayed place a person may live in ioerly society. This horrific wasteland gave birth to two types of survivors, more specifically those that have renounced and discarded all of humanity’s attributes and qualities, and the ones who still hold on to what is left of their human nature, desperately attempting to survive while evading the former group.
The center of the story focuses on the journey of two nameless characters, the father and his son who travel across a devastated America towards the coast where they hope to find shelter, a better climate and other survivors who have not yet turned to cannibalism. The land they explore is devoid of rules, government, and laws, everything functioning based on the concept of “survival of the fittest”.
When asked what kind of research McCarthy had done before writing the novel, he mentioned his conversations with his brother Dennis, when they talked about a post-apocalyptic world: “We talked about if there was a small percentage of the human population left, what would they do? They'd probably divide up into little tribes and when everything's gone, the only thing left to eat is each other. We know that's true historically.” (Jurgensen, 2009). This idea laid the foundation of his fictional and twisted society, where men turn to horrifying acts in order to survive.
The bleak environment acts as a secondary character that challenges not only the father and his son, but also the savage cannibals, who, in a way have already been defeated by nature. The writer uses strong and evocative words to describe the most brutal “character” of the novel, such as: “waste”, “black”, “darkness”, “cold” or “dead trees”. McCarthy’s employment of such words, coupled with his artistic skills, manages to transform this desolate place into something unexpected, a place that conveys a bizarre and inexplicable beauty: “Reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road, one wonders early on just how many astounding ways the author can reimagine the dark and bleak wasteland his two characters inhabit. But like a virtuoso etching his prophecy of the postapocalyptic world, McCarthy writes his way through it, over and over again, until the wasteland itself becomes poetic, until it becomes nearly beautiful: Days more gray than what had gone before. Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world ... the land barren, silent, godless ... the weeds ... fell to dust ... on the far side ... the...

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