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The Father Of English Literature A Fraud?

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William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 and died on April 26, 1616. Stratford- upon- Avon was William’s place of birth and lived there up until his death. The renaissance was a time for the rebirth of art and literature; it took place during the years 1500-1688s. William Shakespeare long considered the greatest play writer in the English language has been questioned about whether he truly wrote his works. Shakespeare could not have written those plays by himself when all evidence is considered one must accept that.
A man from small- town became a world renowned poet, yet no one understands how a son of a merchant from a Stratford became so famous in such a small amount of time. William was a commoner, born to John Shakespeare an illiterate hide trader and merchant. No one in Shakespeare’s entire family could read yet William supposedly created literary masterpieces. The only record of Williams children writing is from his daughter Judith’s marriage license and it is simple an X (Oxfords Authorship). Shakespeare studied the classics, rhetoric, history and Latin grammar, but the diverse experience described in his plays suggest that one would have needed to travel to experience. He could not have grasped the languages and political theories by only studying books and being in a class room (Did Shakespeare Write His Plays?). As a commoner William would not have had enough money or any ways to travel to gain the knowledge needed to write the works and what he talks about in them. According to the people of Stratford he was known as a business not a play write. The way his belongings were divided, every single asset and piece of land, suggest that he was a business man. Everything was given to his loved ones, all the way down to his second best bed (Oxfords Authorship). No books of William’s literary collection were mentioned anywhere in his will. Books at this time were if high value and rare, it’s strange that he after dividing everything he owned he would not mention what he is actually famous for (Mark Twain). Between his belonging each being distributed and his illiterate family, Shakespeare couldn’t have written these plays all on his in his 52 years of life.
Not a single piece of writing written by him is found, yet he is still credited as the father of English literature. Mark Twain, an amazing author, even criticizes Shakespeare by saying “as far as anyone knows Shakespeare never...

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