The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring/John Ron Reginald Tolkein Book Report.

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The fellowship of the ring/John Ron Reginald TolkeinPublished by unicornThis book contains 512 pagesThis book is part of a trilogy called: LORD OF THE RING" it contains two more books called: THE TWO TOWERS and THE RETURN OF THE KING this is the first book of the cycleThe plot:The story begins with the birthday party of bilbo bagins, an old adventurer and a hobbit (a small and stout nation of peaceful demi humans). Bilbo decided to leave his homeland, but before he leaves he gives his most valuable treasure (a magic ring) to his nephew frodo bagins. Frodo is visited frequently by a wandering mage named gandalf the gray. Gandalf eventually tells frodo that the magic ring his uncle gave him is actually an evil artifact of great powers and that the dark lord Sauron of mordor its owner is searching the land for the ring. Frodo is than ordered do go to rivindel the house of the elven lord Elrond in order to give the ring to the high council there. Frodo leaves with his two friends: merry and pepin and with sam gumgy his loyal gardener (that easdroped on his conversations with gandalf). On there way to rivindel they meet a ranger named aragon and together they manage to escape the nazgul (the nine wraithes of the lesser rings). And reach rivindel alive.In rivindel the council decides the ring should be destroyed in mount doom: a volcano that lies deep inside the land of Mordor. They also decided that frodo will remain the bearer of the ring and that he will be helped by: his three original companions, Aragon, an elf named Legulas, a dwarf named Gimly, a human prince named Boromir and by Gandalf the gray. Together the nine will bring the ring to the volcano and destroy it. In their journey they travel through the lost mines of kazad doom, where Gandalf finds his death in the hands of a demon. They continue to the elven land of lorian where they receive gifts from the lady of the forest Galadril. There frodo has a vision of the future and realizes he will be betrayed by one of his companions. After they leave lorien the party is attacked by orcs(evil demi humans that serve the dark lord).after the ring is almost stolen by Boromir the human prince Frodo leaves the party in order to complete the quest on his own. But sam realizes that and joins him in the last minute. In the meanwhile the orcs manage to kill boromir in battle and to kidnap merry and pepin. The story ends when Aragon Legulas and Gimly decide that they cannot help the ring bearer but will not leave merry and pepin to a fate of torture and death. Thus the last line of the book is:"Lets go hunt some orcs"Why do I...

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