The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

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Chp. 1-5
Hazel Grace Lancaster is a seventeen year old girl living with cancer. While she feels that depression is just a side effect of dying, her mother believes that it is a side effect of cancer and makes her go to a weekly support group. Each meeting seemed absolutely the same to her. Until one day where there was a boy staring at her as she entered the support group. His name is Augustus Waters, at the meeting to support his friend Isaac who would soon become blind because of the cancer residing in his eyes. Once the meeting had ended, the handsome Augustus approached Hazel, they introduce themselves and soon she is invited over to his house to watch a movie. Although, he ...view middle of the document...

Later Hazel is surprised by a date with Augustus leading to him granting her his wish (The Genie Foundation- granting every sick kid one wish) which is going to take them to Amsterdam.
Chp. 6, 7, & 8
Hazel decides to tell Augustus that she cannot kiss him because she is afraid of hurting him if and when she dies. Later that night she woke up with an excruciating headache due to lack of oxygen, causing her to have to stay in the hospital for several days. On the last day she is visited by Augustus and then soon finds out that her doctors do not want her traveling to Amsterdam. Although, after much consideration by her doctor and help from the Genies, the trip is back on.
Chp. 9-14
On the day they are leaving, Hazel says goodbye to her dad, who cries. She then realizes he must always fear that it’ll be his last time seeing her. Once they get to Augustus’ house they hear him screaming that it is his life, so they wait in the car to which he soon joins them. On the plane Hazel kisses Augustus on the cheek like he had one done in the past and then on a later flight she reads poetry to him. Upon hearing it, he tells her he loves her. In Amsterdam, they go on a date and soon end up in deep topics such as life after death, leaving a mark, and Augustus’ deceased girlfriend. She tells him that she would never want to hurt him, to which he responds that it would be a privilege to have his heart broken by her. Upon meeting Peter they realize that he is in old drunk man who had no actual intention of giving them any answers and comments rudely on their sickness. His assistant takes them to tour Anne Frank’s home and there is where Hazel realizes that she loves Augustus and gives into kissing him. The next day, Augustus shares with Hazel that he has cancer, and it has spread throughout most of his body. When they returned home Gus began receiving his medicine from home and was often tired.
Chp. 15-19
Gus ended up in the hospital to which Hazel was afraid she would never see him again. Yet, two weeks later she took him to the park of their mystery date, yet he was beginning to become weak. He spent most of his day receiving medicine and sleeping and Hazel stayed by his side a lot treating him like she always would. Augustus was no longer himself at this point. His sickness was taking over and he began feeling like he had no control of himself. He drove himself to get cigarettes but got into a bad situation leading him to call Hazel and end up in the hospital. She had one more good day with him to which his whole family was over and treating him like a baby but she gave him some dignity and treated him like every other day.
Chp. 20-25
Hazel discovers that her parents were building a life for themselves so that they would be okay if she died, which excites her. Augustus invites her and Isaac to give him a funeral and read eulogies to him. He died eight days later leaving Hazel heartbroken and only wanting to talk to him. She kisses him on the cheek one...

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