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The Fault In Our Stars Is A Novel By Author John Green

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The Fault In Our Stars is a novel by author John Green. The story followed the leading character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, as the she battled cancer. Not simply did Hazel want to live the normal life of a 16-year-old girl, but she additionally struggled with what it would probably be like for her parents after she passed away. While Hazel attended a church support class for cancer survivors, she met a boy that was one year older than her, Augustus Waters. While Augustus had a kind of cancer that caused him to lose his leg in addition to wear a prosthetic, it also had a survival rate that was much higher compared to Hazel's.
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She also learned from Isaac that Augustus wrote something for her before he died and that her mother was taking classes to become a Support Group leader, confirming a good life for her parents after she died. At the very end, she learned from Lidewij that Augustus wrote her a eulogy that he sent to Van Houten. The book ended with her reading the eulogy, which stated that he hoped that she was happy with the choices she made.

Love Triumphs over Struggle and Hardship

Augustus and Hazel had a heroic love story; they brought out the best in each other. Augusts showed Hazel that there was more to life than staying at home and letting the cancer consume you. Meanwhile, Hazel also brought the light back into Augustus's life when he had to stop playing basketball, he felt that there was something missing, and that was when he met her. It did not take long for them to become friends and to fall in love. Together they were invincible, and would not let anything bring them down. In the story Hazel and Augustus went through some hard times; Hazel passed out from over exertion and was admitted into the hospital meanwhile Augustus had to battle with his Osteosarcoma returning. In each of these situations, the two lovers stood by each other’s side every step of the way. It taught them, using issues of love and loss in a wonderful way, declaring that indeed it was "better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
The Obligation of Suffering
Unsurprisingly for a novel about adolescents dying of cancer, suffering is an outstanding component of the character’s lives. Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac all endure a lot of physical and emotional pain. The build-up of fluid throughout Hazel’s lungs bereaved her of oxygen, leading to a course of intense pain in which it landed her within the emergency room. Isaac had gotten to contend with losing his remaining eyesight, which left him blind and made his girlfriend breakup with him. Augustus was physically degraded to the mark where he had to take pain killers strong enough to leave him puzzled, and he struggled to recognize whether he would have the ability to accomplish some of the heroic things he desired to do in his life. In the eyes of the novels’s characters, mainly Hazel and Augustus, all these types of pains are simply an element of living, a side effect as Hazel might put it. That does not indicate they are desirable, exactly that they are unavoidable.
But the most significant form of pain in the actual novel is brought on by the death of someone you really care about. Hazel worried a lot about causing suffering on individuals around her as soon as she died, leading her to create the metaphor of the grenade that blows up and injures anyone nearby. “I'm a grenade and at some point I'm going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?” She ended up becoming the victim of the pain when Augustus started to weaken and succumb to his cancer. Hazel came to understand that this sort of...

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