The Fault Of The Mind Essay

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The Fault of the Mind

Esteemed psychologist Sigmund Freud’s discoveries are still relied upon on studied today. It was the largest known jump in the knowledge of the human brain. Many of Freud’s theories applied to fictional character help us better understand the sate of mind of the characters' and the author. The brain and one’s emotions can have a lasting effect on life, death, success, or even failure. Ultimately Victor Frankenstein’s down fall can be traced to Freudian psychological phenomena, specifically a refusal to live in the ego, and a less than ideal childhood.

It has been shown that the way one is raised as a child can have a large effect on them as an adult; this is ...view middle of the document...

During his childhood Victor never had to take responsibility for his actions, positive or negative. The fact that his parent had an overarching relationship with him and a childhood without conflict lead to a lack of decisiveness or how to deal with conflict. Both very important traits that are necessary survive or avoid demise.

During his young adulthood Frankenstein spent much time within his id. an example of such behavior is when Frankenstein did run into a major bump in the road of his youth, his mother had taken ill and eventually died, instead of taking time to mourn and miss his mother he went straight to college he says, “my departure for Ingolstadt, which had been deferred by these events was now again determined upon” (Shelley 50). Here Victor thinks of no one besides himself. He could stay behind and help his family through such a tough time he only thought of himself and went off. What is almost worse than that is that once Victor arrives at his college he “paid no visit to Geneva, but was engaged, heart and soul, in the pursuit of some discoveries” (Shelley 55). Frankenstein arrives and completely avoids his family, after leaving them during such terrible situation for only his reputation as a scientist and gain fortune for himself. Victor doesn’t only abandon his family out of self-interest but also does so to his creation. When he completed his creation of the monster he narrates “I took refuge in the courtyard belonging to the house” (Shelley 61). He abandons his monster only because of the way it looks and how ashamed he is to have created something that did not live up to his expectations.

Frankenstein can also trace his downfall to his superego. The time Frankenstein does not spend within his id he spends within his...

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