The Faults Of A One Size Fits All Education System

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Many of the currently enrolled students of the United States are falling behind. Every year, 1.3 million seniors do not graduate on time, while 31% do not even get their diplomas ("11 Facts about..."). Are the leaders of American education proud of these statistics? The United States currently adopts an education policy of "one size fits all" which is ironic since every person is unique, with different needs and capabilities. Since no two students are the same, the United States can no longer apply a "one size fits all" style of education.
One of the main reasons that education should not be held to a fixed standard is the fact that students who find reaching the inflexible goals difficult, or are unable to reach them at all in order to keep up with the fast pace that is implemented with this style of learning, will be left behind. More often than not, students will require extra time working on certain aspects of study to be able to fully grasp and better understand it. If the time that these students need is not already built into the standard, then the student will begin to struggle and fall behind. The No Child Left Behind act, which was enacted in 2001, and again reauthorized in 2013, created state and national standards for what should be achieved by all students by grade level, regardless of the academic level of the courses of which they're taking (US Department of Education). In the No Child Left Behind Act, it states that all schools are required to bring students up to the "proficient" level, which is formulated and varies among states, which is assessed by formal standardized testing. If a student fails two years in a row, the school policies are assessed in order to correct the issue and the student is offered a choice in public schools if they feel that the facility they are attending do not meet their specific needs. If a student fails three years in a row, they are then offered several academic aids, including funded private tutoring, and is again offered the opportunity to switch schools if desired. If the student proceeds to fail for four years or more, the student is again offered the choice to switch public schools and "corrective measures" are to be taken in that specific school, which could potentially include the replacement of major administration and staff members (edweek). Though the intent to improve learning standards is present, the imminent flaws in this act are evident as well. The failure of a student is placed on the school system, which could potentially cause teachers to be more lenient while assessing students in order to appear more proficient. Also, failing three years in a row is a lot of time and resources lost in order to be offered such minor reprimands as tutoring and a choice of school. It is often said these standards only serve to have "scores go up while the quality of learning goes down" (Kohn). Without a proper system to assure the stability of learning for all students, not just one "average,"...

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