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The Fbi Suits Me Essay

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As a child, most of us had an idea of what we wanted to be when we were older; I went through a phase where I wanted to be a paleontologist. I used to find ancient animals fascinating, but as I grew up and learned more about the ancient creatures, I began to lose interest. This is how I feel about a vast portion of things that entertain me; I am extremely interested for a short period of time, but I eventually lose interest. Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed doing varying activities; I would play outside for a day or two, then the next couple of days I would play something different inside of the house. A career that gives me the versatility to do a lot of different things is difficult to locate, but I believe I have found one that may give exactly what I am looking for, an FBI agent.
FBI agents have to be a jack of all trades; it is important that an agent understand finance for fraud cases, computers for cyber crimes, and most importantly, people ("FBI Agent Critical Skills"). There are five branches of criminal investigation that an agent can pursue, cyber, criminal, intelligence, counter-intelligence, and counterterrorism. When an agent begins to work for the bureau, he or she assists in every branch, but as the agent progresses, he or she can narrow his or her expertise to one of the five branches if he or she wishes ("FBI Special Agent Career Outlook and Salary"). This fits my personality perfectly. I enjoy doing a large variety of different activities, so jumping from one branch to another will fit me astoundingly well.
Not only do Agents’ abilities need to be extremely versatile, but they also must be flexible in their ever-changing work environment. Agents, because of their versatility, are put into different situations all the time. They do not have a strict schedule that makes them work from 9-5 in their office; they must be ready to receive a call and perform their duty at all times in a wide variety of different locations. Also, what agents do at the...

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